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Semen analysis cost

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benji2009 Posted: 11-29-2010 7:05 PM

Does insurance typically cover a semen analysis or not?  If not, how much does it cost?  THANKS!

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AngieB replied on 11-29-2010 7:46 PM

DH did not have medical insurance when we had his done, and the self pay rate was only $40 for a lab at the hospital, not Quest but I think it was LabCorp.

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WantingToBeMom replied on 11-30-2010 1:52 AM

I am sure it depends on the office that you go to.. The one that my doctor is sending my hubby to is 113.00 and insurance will not cover the charges.

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mamawannabe replied on 11-30-2010 7:25 PM

I think it may also depend on your insurance and the TYPE of semen analysis you are doing. 

I have Kaiser insurance and there is no charge for the WHO criteria.  Kaiser will not do the Kruger strict test so I had to pay $140 for it elsewhere.  I have heard that the Kruger test costs anywhere between $130 to $230 ... I am no expert though!  Big Smile

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Chloe22 replied on 11-30-2010 9:13 PM

It wasn't covered by my hubby's insurance & the Cleveland Clinic charged us $561!  We argued with billing & they wouldn't budge.

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aubergene replied on 11-30-2010 9:20 PM

DH has done 2 SAs, each at a different local fertility clinic. 

SA #1 was $100 and covered by our insurance.  SA#2 was $125 and also covered by our insurance. Both were kruger criteria. 

Our insurance covers testing to determine infertility, but no fertility treatments. 

Good luck!!

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alicat replied on 12-01-2010 7:03 AM

$100 at my clinic and it  was not covered by my insurance, which covers absolutely nothing for IF.

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