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Help... BBT Above coverline for more than 18 dpo... AF started 16dpo... temps still high?!

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amm12 Posted: 10-28-2010 4:40 AM

Hi Friends,

My BBT went up higher than normal after ovulation.  I was excited thinking it could be a sign of pregnancy.  I tested and it was negative.  My LP was 16 days (Normal LP is 11days) and AF started... I'm on day '4' of my 'new cycle' yet my temps are still above the coverline from my last cycle(However, slightly lower than past ovulation)- they never went below the coverline.  This has never happened before.  I've been charting for 12 months now.  I keep thinking it will go down... but, now I'm not sure.  

I had some signs of pregnancy.  I'm tired!  But, who isn't after working full-time.  I"m trying to not read into 'sign's... but, has this happened to anyone else???  I took three pregnancy tests- one at 11dpo, 14 dpo and then 16dpo  - all negative.  If I was pregnant- they would have been positive, right??  I'm driving my husband crazy.  I'm thankful for these forums to talk to you ladies about this. 

Help!!!  This will also be our first pregnancy.  We weren't exactly 'trying' this time... but, we happened to time our 'activity' exactly on my most fertile day last cycle.  We've talked to much about having kids- that now this cycle we want to start trying.  I'm 28 and we'd like to have 3-4- God willing. 

Thank you ladies!!

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lilbirdofheaven replied on 10-28-2010 7:21 AM

Hi there,

Sorry you're feeling so confused!  I don't know if this will help, but I remember reading in TCOYF that it isn't unusual for temps to stay high (above the coverline) during your period, thanks to the hormones of your period.  But, I'm not sure why it would happen this month and not others.  Hang in there!



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munchkin9 replied on 10-28-2010 7:30 AM

Some women's temps don't drop until after menses.  Mine don't drop to below coverline level until about CD4 so I can't tell when AF is due just from the temps. High temps during AF won't affect the software's ovulation prediction as it is based on the previous 6 days temps, by which stage your temps will have droppped.  Hope that helps.

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luvmyboys replied on 10-28-2010 8:01 AM

Can you post a link to your chart so we can take a look?  As for the temps not going below CL after AF arrives, sometimes it just takes a couple of days to drop to your normal pre-O temps. 

Without a chart to look at, it's hard to guesstimate what might be happening but it's possible that you did not O until later or possibly not at all and what you are experiencing is anov. bleeding rather than a true AF.

Hang in there!

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DaisyGrL replied on 10-28-2010 8:26 AM

It was not unusual for my temsps to stay high until around cycle day 4 or 5. Pretty normal for temps to be high during Af.

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L J replied on 10-28-2010 1:03 PM

I'm so sorry for the disappointment of AF showing, but I think the temps you are experiencing are normal. My temps often stay high until day 4 or 5 of AF, and this month, I had a temp drop the day AF started, but my temps have gone back up. I assume they will drop back down in a few days when AF slows down.

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amm12 replied on 10-28-2010 3:42 PM

Here is a link to my chart. 

My temps for this cycle so far are still above coverline... they are D1-97.2, D2- 97.4, D3- 97.3, D4- 97.4 

And my temps for the past 12 months have been in the low 96's during AF. 

Thanks for your feedback!!!

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Nerdzilla78 replied on 10-28-2010 4:01 PM

That had never happened to me before, either. My temps, unless I was sick, always dropped the day AF showed. But last cycle, they stayed above my previous CL for 2 days, and then dropped off. It was disconcerting. I think sometimes it just happens, but now I'm freaked out, and hoping that if AF shows, I at least get the temp warning in advance. That is part of the appeal in charting, is knowing when that will happen, at the very least, and it totally sucked to have AF surprise me!

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planner21 replied on 10-28-2010 4:06 PM

My temps dont usually return to normal until about CD 7 or 8 which is a few days after my period ends.  So i can't predict when AF is coming by temps. sometimes mine drops before AF and sometimes not until after it ends. If AF showed and you arent showing a positive on an HPT i think its pretty safe to say you arent pregnant.  hope this helps :) Good luck to you!

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amm12 replied on 10-28-2010 5:05 PM

Thanks.   Yeah, I am doubtful that I'm pregnant... but, I read in the TCOYF book that if your temps stay up for 18 days then it's a pretty sure sign even if AF arrives.  I guess I thought it would be easier than this to tell.  What a blessing to be able to find out so soon-  I guess I'll know something more certain in a few weeks.  I just wish my temps would go back down to normal.  I just have this small bit of hope that maybe... just maybe my temps are up for a reason and I'll be one of those crazy cases that didn't know I was pregnant till I was 2 months pregnant.  haha... I think I am crazy now! 


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luvmyboys replied on 10-28-2010 6:09 PM

The link goes to your profile rather than your chart.

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amm12 replied on 10-28-2010 6:24 PM 

Maybe that will work... I'm new to this online stuff.  I've been doing hand written charts...

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lbm436 replied on 10-28-2010 8:40 PM

And now you just need to give us permission to view itBig Smile

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