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3 yo sudden fever, says mouth hurts, ideas?

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tasilva Posted: 10-08-2009 4:01 PM
Good afternoon!

So 2 nights ago we put DS (3) down for the night and he was perfectly fine. He woke up almost 2 hours later and had a fever of 102.5 but no other symptoms. Gave him ibuprofen and DH rocked him back to sleep and kept him away from me (being PG I was afraid it could be the beginnings of the swine flu). His fever went down for about 6 hours and then crept up again to 100.6 in the morning. We were able to control it all day yesterday with tylenol every 4 hours and today as well.

No other symptoms except he keeps telling us his mouth (or teeth) hurt. He is done teething (for about a month or so) so I don't think it could be that. Read up on hand/mouth/foot sickness and I suppose it could be the beginning of that but no red marks on any of those as well. He acts perfectly normal and is playing fine. He is not eating as much but that is somewhat typical as well.

Any ideas what it could be? Any input is much appreciated.


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mama05 replied on 10-08-2009 6:25 PM
My Ds once told me his mouth hurt, but upon further investigation, it was really his throat he was talking about.
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bacTmom replied on 10-08-2009 7:06 PM
I was going to suggest strep, and maybe he means his throat hurts. Try to get a good look at his throat with a flash light.

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redheadjess replied on 10-08-2009 8:45 PM
Could be a number of things - flu, strep or hand foot and mouth to name a few. Hope he feels better soon :(
Sometimes with HFM, the sores are pretty far back in the throat (I couldn't see them when my 5yo DD had them)
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mimuneca replied on 10-08-2009 8:55 PM
My first thought was hand-foot-mouth--I read that sometimes it can hurt before you can really see the blisters, or that sometimes the throat can be sore/have spots when you can't see them on the mouth.

When DS had it, I saw the blisters on his feet/legs/hands first, and couldn't see them in the mouth until the pedi, showed me where they were with a flashlight.

Hope he feels better soon![f]

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tasilva replied on 10-09-2009 12:21 AM
Thanks so much for the input. He seems to be fine this afternoon and is not complaining about his mouth hurting so we'll see how the day goes tomorrow. He already has an appt on Monday with his pediatrician so I'll mention it to him then if I don't have to take him in sooner if it gets worse.

Strange. I'll post back once I find out what it is (if anything).

Thanks again![f]


Aiden 8/1/2006

1.5 years of secondary infertility and 4 IUI's resulted in: Ellie 10/16/2009


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oxyjen replied on 10-09-2009 7:58 AM
For my daughter, that was always a tell-tale sign of an ear infection. She didn't often have the "classic symptoms" so it took us a short while to catch on, but her ear infection symptoms included coughing at night, saying that her mouth hurt, and sometimes a fever.

Good luck. I hope you get some answers about what it is and I hope your son feels better soon.

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