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Tightness/heaviness in diaphragm area?

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lenabeth Posted: 08-01-2010 2:13 PM

So I was up do to insomnia around 3am.  Come 4:30 I had this awful feeling, like a belt was tightening around where my diaphragm area at the bottom of my ribs are.  It hurt in the front and back and all through, I felt like I could hardly breath.  I tried lying down in every position imaginable and ended up sleeping sitting up in bed with a ton of pillows.  Uterus is getting close to that area (about 2" left) so wondering if there was a growth spurt and it was pushing there.  I know it wasn't my kiddo.  Any other ideas? 


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mcleanne replied on 08-01-2010 9:38 PM

I get this all the time idea why though...although sometimes I think it's from eating or drinking too much at one time but I don't think I had it with my previous two pg's go figure.

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beandance replied on 08-02-2010 2:35 PM

I get that feeling with BH contractions.   I wouldn't say that there is any pain with it, just an uncomfortable feeling.

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lenabeth replied on 08-03-2010 7:01 AM

Well, it hasn't happened again (knock on wood).  It lasted for a half an hour, so I don't think it was BH.  I will blame the water I drank just before lying back down during that wake up pee call.

Thanks for the feedback ladies!


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yessisan replied on 08-03-2010 10:42 AM

I get that at least once a day.  I feel so out of breath when that happens, it makes me really uncomfortable.  My perinatologist said it's because the uterus is so big, it pushes up against the diaphragm and squishes your lungs, so it makes you feel that way.  I've been getting this since 35ish wks, and I'm 38 now.


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lenabeth replied on 08-03-2010 5:29 PM

I just thought it was odd since I am only 24 wks right now.  I am up so high because I am so little.  I would have expected this around 30 wks or more, but not now.  Oh well, we'll see if it returns...


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