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  help period for 53 days

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amberbamber Posted: 07-22-2010 10:31 PM

So I stopped taking the pill and had my normal period at 37 during me 2nd cycle I'm on day 53 with no period and many negative pregnancy tests.....what the heck is going on??..i get cramps once in awhile like i might have my period but nothing happens..i thought about calling my doctor, but then i figured i just need to be more patient..any advice??

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LeedleFishy replied on 07-23-2010 1:23 AM

I understand that you had one regular cycle already, but perhaps your body is still figuring out what it wants to do, post BCP? I looked to see if you had a chart I could view but didn't find one... are you temping? That might help put your mind at ease because you'd know if you've ovulated yet or not. And no matter what, if you think a doctor's visit might be helpful don't feel silly about making the call -- you've got to do what's right for you. Flowers


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skycolor replied on 07-23-2010 8:45 AM

This is exactly what happened to me when I quit the pill a few years ago. Had a "normal" cycle, then went 6 months without a period. I went and saw my dr about the time I was hitting 50 days, and she had me chart, and then finally gave me something to get my periods going again, and that seemed to help, though I haven't had a regular cycle since, I also haven't gone longer than 50 days either, and I did get pregnant a few months after that.

Good luck.

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Aleigh6 replied on 07-23-2010 8:52 AM

Sounds like you haven't ovulated yet and your body is trying to figure out what to do. Temping would help you see if you are Oing. I would definitely go see your doctor to see what they think.

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amberbamber replied on 07-27-2010 4:06 PM

Here is my chart.

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tmonee replied on 07-27-2010 5:37 PM

That link takes us to your profile.  This link is for your chart:

You'll need to grant us permission to view it.  To do that, click on My Fertility in the upper right corner.  On your calendar page's left side menu, click Chart Layout and the option to share is about halfway down on that page.  Remember to click Save at the top before navigating off the page in order for the changes to save.


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amberbamber replied on 07-27-2010 7:54 PM

OK...i think i fixed it.

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lbm436 replied on 07-27-2010 8:20 PM

Ha, I could have written this... I went off the pill at the end of March (you can take a look at my charts if you would like). My first cycle was 40 days with O on CD 28. My 2nd cycle was 75 (!) days long with an O (I think) on CD 59. I think it's the pill just messing with you, and it's going to do that for a while probably, unfortunately. A few weeks ago, I called my doc and they said if I didn't have a period in 3 months (which would have been around now), then they would give me something to get it, which I now know would have been progesterone. You probably just haven't O'd yet for this cycle. One of two things will happen, you'll either O or you'll bleed, making it an anovulatory cycle. Hang in there and keep charting. It'll make everything easier to identify. GL!!

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sledoux replied on 07-29-2010 8:03 PM

I am another one in the same boat. I stopped the pill May 29. DH and I had an opps in early June and I took EC because we had a wedding coming up and were not quiet ready. I had AF on CD 17 and nothing since. I am now on CD 43 and no O so far. I have been temping since I stopped the pill consistently. I took soy last week for 5 days, it really increased ewcm but no af or o. Now I am not sure if I have really messed things up or what I should do. I have taken several neg pg tests. Any advice would be great!

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blondie41804 replied on 07-29-2010 8:16 PM

I'm in the same boat. CD 55 and nothing. I've been having cramps the past to 2 days and swear af is coming.. but nothing. I go see my gyne on Aug 18th. I keep hoping I get it before then. GL!

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kmovoilet replied on 08-23-2010 5:58 PM

I am on CD 131 and no period yet coming off the BC Pill. Know I am thinking I should talk to my OB. There are no sighs of O. Plus negative P test.

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sherley replied on 08-24-2010 10:04 AM

Hi guys,

I went 6 whole months after coming off BCP, which I was on for 11 years.  I'm now on CD26 and no sign of ovulating again.  My doctor said it was completely normal to have cycles stop for up to 6 months, and then be all over the place for a up to a year.  They wouldnt even do any tests until I went 6 months without a period (it showed up just before I was going to go to the docs).

Its very frustrating when TTC, I know!  But I found charting helped as I did notice when I (finally) ovulated.

Good luck x

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mia081081 replied on 08-24-2010 1:04 PM

I may also be in the same boat. I This is my third cycle of BCP and my first charting. My first two were normal at about 35 - 40 days long. I'm on day 43 of my 3rd cycle. I thought I ovulated on CD20, but wasn't using OPKs to confirm. I may have ovulated on CD36, but again not sure. My temps are all over the place and I switched thermometers in the middle because the first one died (bad, I know). I'm thinking this is going to be a really long and anovulatory cycle. Multiple HPTs, all BFNs. I ordered a bunch of OPKs just in case I have a delayed O, but I'm just hoping for AF to arrive so I can start a fresh chart!

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amberbamber replied on 08-24-2010 3:35 PM is an update.

I stopped taking the pill in May 2010 and my first cycle was 37 days, but it was NOT normal as I previously mentioned. Now that I understand what I'm doing I can see that it was anovulatory.

My second cycle was 69 days long and I did ovulate, but my luteal phase was only 8 days.

 Now I'm on my 3rd cycle and I think I'm ovulating today. I expect a temperature shift tomorrow or the next day. So patients helps, but I'm glad I've been charting because I like understanding what is going on with my body.

Since my luteal phase was short and just to be healthier I started taking prenatal vitamins and vitamin b6 200mg daily.

Damn those birth control pills really screw things up, but hang in there everyone...we can do this....bring on the babies!!!!

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tmonee replied on 08-25-2010 6:04 AM

Thanks for the update Amberbamber, it can be very frustrating for sure!

I just wanted to mention about the B6 you're taking.  Are you sure 200mg is a safe amount?  I was thinking I had read 50mg was the recommended dosage, but I could be mistaken.  You may want to double check that.

I hope your cycles get back to 'normal' soon! Flowers


To the others who have posted their issue/question in this thread, you may want to create your own thread as people are unlikely to find your post here and I'd hate for your questions to go unanswered.

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dj rayne replied on 08-25-2010 6:28 AM

I'd say no guarantee of O last cycle as well. The OPK is just telling you that LH is high enough to trigger their test. It may or may not trigger O. Temps are still not stable enough to say for sure. Many with PCOS have found this out with repeated surges throughout long cycles. B6 can have some pretty nasty s/e and not taking in a balanced combo can also be a problem. 2.5mg is what you need. If you suspect estrogen dominance trying 50mg is a start, jumping to 200 w/o speaking with your DR could be a problem. You need to make sure your supp (any B6 supp) contains a portion in the form P5P (pyridoxal 5 phosphate).

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amberbamber replied on 08-25-2010 2:14 PM

I started taking the b6 because of a possibly short luteal phase. I will decrease it to 100mg to be safe. The pills come in 100mg tabs and I've done some research, so I feel safe with that. I actually do think I've had some side effects from it tho, so I will decrease to 100mg.

Thanks for your replies!

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