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Normal for belly to feel swollen, tight and hard after meals?

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Sadin2009 Posted: 07-15-2010 7:15 PM

Hi all. I'm 14 weeks this week and have noticed my belly feeling swollen, tight and sometimes hard after meals, even when I don't eat too much :) Not sure if this is normal? Also, I have what I think are round ligament pains every day and night. The doctor said not to worry but should they be occurring this often? (In the beginning they feel like they're going to turn into cramps but then soften and become little twinges, twists or aches instead. The sharper ones occur at night in bed when I turn from one side to the other, or get out of bed).

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jacquie2008 replied on 07-15-2010 10:23 PM

I remember feeling really full after eating when I was in my early 2nd trimester It didn't matter how little I ate. I would feel bloated like I was puffing out my stomach and it eventually went away.I never really noticed my round ligament pain until the end of my 4th month and it was usually at night as well when I would get up after being on my side.It was normal for me.

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Moonshimmer replied on 07-15-2010 10:38 PM

Yes, definitely completely normal! Well, for me anyway too lol. Around then I definitely noticed my belling feeling swollen after meals. Actually, I would wake up and have no belly and it would gradually get bigger through out the day and especially once dinner was done you could definitely see a belly.

As for the pains... that's exactly what I'm feeling too. Mine started around 14 weeks a bit, but went away and really came back last week (16) and still now even. I usually notice within a day or two that my belly looks bigger too. This is my first, so I'm thinking round ligiment paiins and uterus stretching also?

I'm sure everything is completely normal. I'm just trying to enjoy this non glamourous side of pregnancy too.  Laugh

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piper replied on 07-16-2010 7:41 AM

My belly feels like that after eating and I am only 6 weeks.  Its still pretty flat until I eat  - then I look like I am 16 weeks pregnant - its awful!

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