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Anyone else asked to carb load before 3 hour GTT??

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Hillary Posted: 08-04-2003 9:33 AM
My doc gave me an instruction sheet for the 3 hour GTT and it specifically asks to carb load for 3 days beforehand, then not eat anything from 10pm the night before the test... I've spoken to several others who have said they weren't asked to do this, only to fast the morning before the test... Has anyone else been given these instructions??
replied on 08-04-2003 9:50 AM
Yup and it worked. I passed the 3 hour with no problem. Good luck!
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Carolyn replied on 08-04-2003 9:59 AM
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Hillary replied on 08-04-2003 10:11 AM
Wow Carolyn! Thanks for the fabulous explanation!! It definitely makes sense, I've been low carbing for health reasons for a little over a year and a half and from your explanation, I'm inclined to think that it might be the reason that I failed the 1 hour... My body just isn't used to simple sugars...

I have to say though, I have a hard time making myself eat too many carbs because I feel like crap when I eat sugar and bread...

Thanks again Carolyn and thank you too Kelly!!
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cyjenkins replied on 08-04-2003 10:17 AM
That's weird. I actually avoided carbs the day or two before the test. Most people are told just to eat as they normally would. And I don't think most people have to fast, except the hour after they drink the orange soda.

EDIT: Oops, I didn't see that it was the 3-hour. That makes more sense.
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kallifornia replied on 08-04-2003 1:03 PM
My Dr told me to fast 8 hrs before my 1 hr and not to carb load because it throws the results. He told me not to deliberately change my diet before the test because then it doesn't bring back accurate reults based on how you really do eat. BUT that being said, I failed my 1 hr! Angry I was soooo mad because I was 100% positive I didn't have GD and I did not want to take the 3hr. I was 146 which isn't way high a result. Plus I told my Dr that it didn't make sense to me that a 200lb PG lady would drink the same amount of Glucola as me (I was 89lbs). But he still didn't advise me to do anything but fast. So I took the 3 hr which was a total nightmare, the worst part of all my pgcy and delivery, and I passed it anyways! If I don't all out refuse the GTT this time around, I'm definitely carb loading!

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AliW replied on 08-04-2003 2:11 PM
Hi Hillary - my doctor doesn't provide this info. Do you have your sheet handy where you might be able to provide a sample menu for carb loading the day before the GTT?

I was bummed to find out just this morning that I failed the 1 hr. GTT and need to have the fasting 3 hr. next Monday - I'm not looking forward to it AT ALL.

Thanks for posting on this topic!
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Hillary replied on 08-04-2003 2:38 PM
This is the info that is on the info sheet...

1. Please follow the diet below beginning three days prior to your test:

* At each of your meals eat plenty of starches, such as pasta, bread, rice and potatoes.

* Indulge in large glasses of juice or other drinks containing sugar.

* Enjoy a candy bar a day. If a candy bar cannot be eaten then have a slice of pie or a piece of cake each of the preceding three days.

2. Eat the food listed above for three (3) days, plus anything else you desire.

3. The night prior to your test DO NOT eat or drink anything after 10:00 pm. Water without additives may be taken in for thirst. (NO BREAKFAST THE MORNING OF THE TEST!)

4. Please bring a book or magazine with you as you will be asked to sit quietly diruing the whole period of time required to complete the test. Please locate someone to watch small children that are active, as significant activity may make your test invalid.

**This diet has been specially prepared for you. It is designed to supply the proper food needed to obtain an accurate test of how well your body burns carbohydrates. It is very important that you eat what is shown above and additional types of food, if desired.
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Shimmers replied on 08-04-2003 3:12 PM
Just wanted to offer Good Vibes on passing the test, that 3-hr is a nasty test.
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Hillary replied on 08-04-2003 3:41 PM
Thanks Donna!! I'm not looking forward to the test, or the waiting... I have to find a good book...
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AliW replied on 08-04-2003 3:59 PM

Good luck - when is your test? Mine is a week from today. Ugh.
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Hillary replied on 08-04-2003 4:04 PM
Thanks Ali! Mine is tomorrow morning at 8:30, so the fasting begins tonight...

[#] Good luck to you for next week!!
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SuperGenius replied on 08-05-2003 1:31 AM
Hillary -

I'm so glad you posted this. I'm getting ready to do my one hour on Weds and I'm terrified I'm going to fail it. I've been doing research, but I keep finding contradicting information. One thing I read said to abstain from sugars to clear all insulin out of your system... so I was cutting out ALL sugar. Now, I'll start eating like I normally do! (I'm a complete carb freak![L])

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Nicki replied on 05-22-2004 7:13 PM
This makes sense to me because when I was eating low carb the Atkins book said to make sure not to eat low carb three days before taking a blood glucose test.
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zzDeleted_25577 replied on 05-22-2004 7:36 PM
I avoided carbs before my 1 hour GTT (a few days before) and I failed it. My Dr told me to eat lots and lots of carbs for a few days prior to my 3 hour GTT. She said if I avoid them, my body will find the glucose drink a bigger shock and I would most likely fail. Well, I did do the carbo loading and I passed with no problems at all.
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dukesgirl replied on 05-01-2006 5:37 PM
Nope, Mine says no consumption of food or beverage other than water for 8 hours, and then for the duration of the 3 hours while at the clinic.
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JenMah replied on 06-14-2006 9:09 AM
I did with my last pregnancy. I just ate everything on the list my doctor provided.
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kbins replied on 06-14-2006 11:15 AM
I was told NOT to which is contrary to the ADA recommendations for this test.

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NCgardener replied on 06-14-2006 5:21 PM
I was not given any special instructions before the 1 hour, which I failed... probably because, like most people, I don't sit around drinking 50g of glucose in one meal, especially with no protein or fat to help digest it. Anyway, they told me to carb load for 3 days before the 3 hour, which I did (although I was SICK of pasta by the end of it!), and I passed "with flying colors".

It was really uncomfortable though, and I was jittery all day after the 3 hour. Plan to take the time to sleep it off afterwards... and make a high protein lunch/dinner.

Good luck!!!

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