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RRL tea and length of labor (poll)

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k8inva Posted: 06-01-2010 4:23 PM

I'm curious if there's any correlation between drinking RRL tea and having a short(er) labor.  I've been drinking the "Mother To Be" yogi tea for a few months now and enjoy the taste (and the excuse to relax), but I'd like to see if, among you ladies, it works to shorten labor.


If you drank RRL tea in pregnancy, did your labor progress quickly?

  • Yes, I had a quick labor (64.3%)
  • No, I had a long drawn out labor (35.7%)
You voted for 'No, I had a long drawn out labor'.
  • Total Votes: 14

Kate - 28, DH - 28

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Calladona replied on 06-01-2010 6:12 PM

I drank roughly 1-2 cups a day in the last month or so...  My labor was 8 hours from start to delivery.  That said, my mom's labors were all roughly 8 hours too.

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EA77 replied on 06-01-2010 7:58 PM

I had a quick labour (early labour was mild and nearly unrecogniseable, active labour was fast and *intense*, and then things slowed down during pushing because DS was stuck as my perineum hadn't had enough time to soften to let him out), and believe strongly that it was in part due to RRL (as well as spending a lot of time hip circling on the birth ball in the weeks before labour).  The other woman I know IRL who took it had a 2-hour labour with baby being born 20 minutes after arriving at hospital.  So yeah, I think it definitely contributes to efficient contractions, but some women think that's always a good thing (labour pain for less time is a good thing, right?  *NOT NECESSARILY*).  Short labours can be incredibly intense, as your body is doing the same amount of work, but in less time.  So just a word of caution to be prepared if things move faster than you would have expected or liked.

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Meligerl1979 replied on 06-03-2010 8:50 PM

I completely agree with the PP. Although I haven't had a chance to post my birth story yet (I just had the little one a week ago yesterday) I had an induction due to high blood pressure at 39 weeks with a very unfavorable cervix, and never having felt even one contrax really. I went into the hospital, got the cervidil, and pit and my active labor from start to finish (with baby being born) was only 7 hours and I am a first time mom giving birth to a baby that when I went into the hospital wasn't engaged at all. They thought I'd have at least 2 hours of pushing just to get him to come down. Yeah, not so much. From the start of pushing to his actual birth was only 45 minutes, and I took breaks and let the contrax do a lot of the work.

That SAID, like the pp responded, because it went SO FAST-- I dilated from a long hard and high 2cm to 10 in 5 hours  and the epidural never had the chance to take effect! Yes, my legs were numb, but NOTHING else. Maybe this was for another reason but the anesthesiologist attributed the lack of effect on the quickness of the labor. I drank the RRL tea throughout my entire pregnancy, 1 cup first tri, 2 cups second tri, and lots and lots my third tri. It never caused me any BHs. In the end, the doc had my contrax actually push the baby out on their own without my pushing! It was pretty cool. 

Hope this helps you! I think there's no harm in drinking as it's got lots of vits and mins. :) 

Me (30) DH (33)

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mamarti1 replied on 06-03-2010 9:44 PM

started drinking a lot at 36 weeks - labor started at 36w6 and it was fast for sure. baby was definitely ready to come and she was healthy, no issues at all with feeding, jaundice, breathing, etc.

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k8inva replied on 06-08-2010 3:59 PM

Thank you all for your responses.  I hope to have a smooth delivery, even if it takes awhile.  Just curious about the correlation.  I'll definitely keep drinking it!

Cannot wait to read your birth story, Meliger!

Kate - 28, DH - 28

Baby Girl Isabelle Lane, born via c-section 8/5/2010.


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