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No heartbeat at 6 weeks and beta 37,000? (**Pregnancy discussed**)

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mzadeh Posted: 05-21-2010 10:40 PM

I'm wondering if anyone can share any experience they've had good or bad regarding circumstances similar to mine. Here are the specifics:

LMP: 4/8/2010
1st Beta: 5/4/2010 (22)
2nd Beta: 5/6/2010 (102)
3rd Beta: 5/8/2010 (350)
4th Beta: TODAY 5/21/2010 (37,000)

We did my first ultrasound today and saw the yolk sac, fetus and fetal pole in the uterus but there was no heartbeat. The doctor said that any beta numbers over 20,000 should show a heartbeat and that this is an indication that it's not a viable pregnancy. He said he will want to do one more ultrasound and beta test next week to confirm but unless he made a mistake and missed the heartbeat or there was something wrong with the ultrasound machine, it doesn't bode well for us.

Does there appear to be any hope or is this a m/c waiting to happen?

Has anyone heard of anything like this happening without it ultimately leading to a m/c?

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laurenlarkin replied on 05-22-2010 4:13 AM

mzdeh: i'm guessing you are currently six weeks pg? (i'm not familiar with beta numbers and gest. weeks, i only know they get higher as the pg goes along) This is a hard situation.  i want to handle this delicately...I don't want to say anything to take your hope...really...what if the OB did miss the HB?

I really don't know what to say...

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Sydney replied on 05-22-2010 10:06 AM

I don't want to give you false hope, but you are still early. I had a six week U/S and saw no heartbeat and everything was fine. My beta numbers were about 40,000. Try to have hope and wait a week. I would still not do anything until my numbers started to drop, just so you would not second guess yourself later on. You will be in my thoughts!

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erussell replied on 05-22-2010 11:01 AM

When I was pregnant with my last son, my RE wouldn't do an ultrasound before 7 weeks for that very reason.  Good luck!!!

Me: 41
DH: 36
2 boys: 2 & 6
3 miscarriages along the way
MTHFR and Factor II Leiden
March 2010 BW: FSH 12, AMH 1.2, AFC 11(not great, could be worse!)
Nov 2010 BW: FSH 10, AMH 1.0, AFC 9 (Hmmm)
BFP on 7/8
16 DPO - 736!,18 DPO - 1593!, 25 DPO - 9000 (67 hour doubling), 27 DPO - 12565 (99 hour doubling)
7/28 - We have a heartbeat!!! Baby measuring 3-4 days behind(6w2d) - HR 117
8/4 - HR 146, but baby measuring 5-6 days behind :-(
8/17 - No heartbeat.  Baby stopped growing at 8 weeks. 
8/18 - 10 weeks, D & C - miscarriage #3, baby boy, Trisomy 22
January - 5 mg of Femara BFN
February - 5 mg of Femara, trigger, IUI BFN Sad
March - taking a break
April - natural cycle BFN
May - natural cycle BFP!
10 DPO beta - 23, P4 - 11
12 DPO beta - 72, P4 - 38
15 DPO beta - 334, P4 - 35 
6/22 We have a heartbeat!  Baby measuring right on track with a 154 HR. 

my chart

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mzadeh replied on 05-22-2010 2:34 PM

Sydney, you are the first person who actually knew their beta at the time of the 6week ultrasound. So you had a 40,000 beta at 6 weeks and no heartbeat on u/s but then saw the heartbeat the following week? Do you know what your beta was when you finally saw the heartbeat and what did your doctor say when he/she did the 6 week ultrasound. Were they concerned?

Thanks everyone for your replies. I'm walking on eggshells...

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MrsStotheG replied on 05-22-2010 4:09 PM

With DD we had an ultrasound right at 6 weeks and we didn't see a heartbeat. My doctor didn't really even mention it, he just said the scan was to see how many sacs (we did Clomid) and that there was no ectopic. When we left he said something like, "next week we'll see the heartbeat!" and we did. I don't know what my beta was, but it was always my understanding that at 6 weeks, you might see a heartbeat, but if you don't it's not necessarily cause for alarm.

Good luck! I know this will seem like the longest week of your life; hang in there! Fingers Crossed that you see a heartbeat next week!

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luvmy3 replied on 05-22-2010 4:56 PM

I also don't know what my beta was when I had my ultrasound at 6w 6d but I saw only the sac.   The u/s tech wasn't worried at all in fact she said everything looked great even though I was freaking out because the week before at 5w my betas were 10,000 so I was expecting to see something.  Went back 10 days later at 8w 2d and saw perfect little baby and heartbeat.  Don't lose hope!

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Sydney replied on 05-22-2010 5:29 PM

I do not know my next beta. I remember it was rising and thats all they were concerned about. After if gets past 5000 *I think, please someone correct me* it does not double the same way. I do know that I did NOT see a heartbeat and I was so worried. One week later, there was that little flutter!

My Dr. did say that she say "nothing that said pregnancy to her". Even I could see the sac. I found out later she saw a fetal pole and sac and had taken note of it. I have no idea why she lied to me, but it caused me to switch doctors among other issues. This just reminded me of that.

Fingers CrossedHug

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mzadeh replied on 05-22-2010 10:40 PM

I have the option of going back on Monday for another u/s and beta or waiting until the following week. Do you think I should go back on Monday or am I setting myself up for more dissapointment? I'm thinking of waiting the week so that I'll be 7 weeks and can feel more confident about the results - it's just going to be a killer of a wait.

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MrsStotheG replied on 05-22-2010 10:55 PM


I have the option of going back on Monday for another u/s and beta or waiting until the following week. Do you think I should go back on Monday or am I setting myself up for more dissapointment? I'm thinking of waiting the week so that I'll be 7 weeks and can feel more confident about the results - it's just going to be a killer of a wait.

I would wait. It's going to be hard, but if you go on Monday it will still be the same set of circumstances, ie you may or may not see a heartbeat, and that may or may not mean something. If you wait until seven weeks you should get a definitive answer. Good luck!

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chiefmir replied on 05-24-2010 10:07 AM

I think you can absolutely have REAL hope at this point and with your HcG numbers!  I have had 3 pregnancies following by my RE (there were 4 others that never made it to 5 weeks, so never had a u/s). on each occasion, we were able to see a hb, but the RE made VERY, VERY clear to me before starting the scan that it was NOT definately going to see a hb and that NOT seeing one was totally fine at that stage.  out of our RE practice, 2 of the docs won't even "look around" for a hb b/c not finding it at that stage is so common in their experience.  I hope you get great news next!

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mzadeh replied on 05-25-2010 9:15 AM

I did have an appointment scheduled for yesterday but I resisted the urge to go based upon everyone's recommendation that I wait until next week. I called the doctor and told him that I wanted to reschedule, which he was fine with because he knew that even if he told me that this pregnancy is not viable at Monday's appointment that I'd want to come back next week anyway to confirm. So he said since I'm not planning to take any action this week regardless of the outcome of Monday's ultrasound, I might as well come next week instead. The other thing I mentioned to him was that I thought it would be better for me to go next week because I could get a more definitive answer. His response was, "I can give you a definite answer even if you come today or any day this week." I said to him, " don't you think I'm too early (6 wks) and waiting until next week would be better?" His response was, "I know it's not what you want to hear but I'm about 90% sure that this pregnancy is not viable based upon not seeing a heartbeat and an hcg level of 35,000. I can't rule out that other 10% until I see you again whether it's today, later this week or next week." I don't understand how he can speak in such certain terms.

I spoke with my father about this who is a doctor (not a gyn) and he said that doctors are always reluctant to give false hope because they think that would be more devestating to you. They also tend to go by textbook so if the statistics are that anything over 25,000 should show a heartbeat, you fall outside the norm. That doesn't mean it's not possible only that it's not common. It made me feel better to hear that. I'm trying not to lose all hope based upon my doctor's negativity.

I also think about what happened with my dog. I know this is going to be weird to hear but there were at least three times when my vet thought we should put my dog down. On each occasion he said it's highly unlikely that he would pull through this and to avoid waking up in the middle of the night to a "dying" dog, it would be easier for everyone if we did it on our terms in a "peaceful" way. I opted against it on each occasion and my dog is still kickin and playing with his toys. Yes he is not the healthiest dog but at least he's enjoying the quality of life he has left and he's not dead because we were too eager to pull the trigger before he is ready. This is sort of how I feel about my doctor - like he's ready to give up all too quickly rather than tell me ... I know it doesn't look good but there's still hope so don't give up..

As it stands now, I'm scheduled to call him this Friday to schedule something for next week. He told me to call him sooner if my body starts to show any signs of m/c. Hopefully we'll prove him wrong just like we did my vet..

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Mibelle816 replied on 05-27-2010 4:11 PM

Hi, I've been following you, and I was just wondering how you were doing? Hope all is well.

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Sydney replied on 06-01-2010 10:25 AM

I have been thinking of you too and hoping all was ok!

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MrsStotheG replied on 06-02-2010 12:33 PM

Another one wondering how it's going. Hope you had an appt this week and saw a heartbeat. Pray

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Mibelle816 replied on 06-03-2010 6:42 PM

Thinking of you and your baby Flowers

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