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Please help! Variations on the name "Max"

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Gisele Posted: 05-02-2010 8:10 AM

Ladies - help us out... the baby is already 6 weeks old, and we have NO NAME YET.
We are at breaking point (literally Sad)

To start off with:
our surname is only one syllable long, so just going with "Max" might be a desperate measure..

The variations I found so far are:


Have you heard of any other?

Thanks a million




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AmyD. replied on 05-02-2010 10:03 AM

I don't think there's anything wrong with just Max Shrug As far as your long names, I can't think of any you haven't listed. Maxi and Maxy look like it's trying to be feminine (and also remind me of maxi pads) Maxim is a magazine (I think), but I like all the others.

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FleecyJ replied on 05-02-2010 10:12 AM

I think using just Max is also find, but of the longer names, I prefer Maxwell.  I think it's the least fussy for if he ever wants to use a longer name when he's older.

Congrats on the birth of your son!

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girn replied on 05-02-2010 1:06 PM

I think Max is fine alone, but of your choices, I'd go with Maxwell.  DEFINITELY not Maxi or any version of that.

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bitobsessive1 replied on 05-02-2010 1:08 PM

Maxwell, definitely.


What have you been calling him all this time? Just curious.

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MistyMountain replied on 05-02-2010 1:19 PM

I like Maxwell the best and Maximus is ok too. It does make a good stand alone name. I can see it working fine with some one syllable last names like Max Smith or Max Brown etc but others it might not work with.

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Racy31 replied on 05-02-2010 1:31 PM

Of your choices, I like just Max or Maxwell.  I've also heard of Maxon, which I like as well.

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circe replied on 05-02-2010 4:59 PM


A friend of mine just named her little boy Max.  Just Max.  But they have a really long last name.

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Lethargo replied on 05-02-2010 9:23 PM


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*Sally* replied on 05-02-2010 9:27 PM

Maxwell Flowers

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Sweetsmurf replied on 05-02-2010 10:01 PM

Well, depending on what your last name is exactly, just calling him Max sounds good.  I mean, Max Brown, or Max Smith or something like that makes him sound like this cool secret agent/spy.  I would think it's cool just like that.

However, if you don't like the way Max sounds with your last name, then I like Maxwell or Maximus


 Maxim is a magazine (I think), but I like all the others.

Maxim is a magazine aimed at men.

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readyornot replied on 05-04-2010 6:54 AM

I also vote for Maxwell.

I'm going to disagree with everybody else about Maxim though.  My DH has a French background and we have a handful of French relatives with the name Maxim.  LOVE IT and would probably use it if we didn't already have a few in the fam.

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CCnOZZY replied on 05-04-2010 12:55 PM

We almost named our DS Maximus Alexander (I thought it was a very strong name), but we ended up just using Alexander. I vote for Maximus - it is more interesting and uncommon.

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nemosmom replied on 05-06-2010 12:03 PM

I really like Maxwell but another choice would be Maxime.

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