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Glass vs Plastic bottle - for Breastmilk

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dolphinparadise Question [?] Posted: 04-06-2010 5:02 PM

I've heard it both ways - glass is better for breastmilk and vise versa. I want to give baby the most nutrients when bottle feeding bm is needed.

Question Which is best for breastmilk - glass or BPA-free plastic? Question

If you have a source you could link, or would simply share your thoughts, that would be wonderful. Flowers

Glass or Plastic bottle - which is best for breastmilk?

  • Glass (60%)
  • Plastic (BPA free) (20%)
  • No substantial difference (20%)
  • Other - explain (0%)
You voted for 'Glass'.
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dolphinparadise replied on 04-08-2010 9:25 AM

Anybody? Shrug

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piper replied on 04-08-2010 12:06 PM

I never heard of glass being better.... why is it suppose to be?

I used bpa free plastic......

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dolphinparadise replied on 04-08-2010 4:14 PM

Here are some things I've found online in the meantime. I also found that a lot of research of plastic vs glass is out-of-date as the danger was regarding plastic with BPA, whereas most plastic bottles are now available in BPA-free versions.

Plastic is better:,,3wt9,00.html - "...When breastmilk is frozen, leukocytes, white cells which provide significant protective effects, are destroyed whether the milk is stored in glass or plastic... When storing fresh breastmilk in the refrigerator, plastic containers are best, because some of the leukocytes [white cells which provide significant protective effects] will stick to the glass. When a baby is occasionally receiving fresh expressed breastmilk, the choice of storage container is not of much importance since this makes up such a small part of his diet..."

Plastic is better: - '...From "What to Expect the First Year": "Plastic containers are better than glass for collecting and storing breastmilk, not only because glass is breakable, but also because disease-fighting white blood cells in mother's milk have been shown to cling more to glass than to plastic, making them less available to baby..." '

Glass is better: - "...Plastic containers versus glass containers
Ample researches have been conducted to find out which of the breast milk storage bottles are best - the glass ones or the plastic ones. Most of the studies claim that the glass bottles should be the first choice as they are better for the purpose of storing milk as they provide utmost protection from any plausible contamination. The second choice should be the hard plastic and the third should be the cloudy hard plastic."

Plastic, no, Glass is better, no, it doesn't matter: - "Unfortunately, there is not a lot of research about how storage containers affect human milk. One study showed that the leukocytes in milk (the live cells that transfer immunity from you to your baby) sticks to the side of glass containers, but subsequent research showed greater numbers of leukocytes in glass containers than in plastic, as the cells were released from the sides of the containers over time. Research has also shown a loss of antibodies and fat in milk that is stored in plastic [nurser] bags, but this information applies only to disposable plastic nurser bags, the thin ones you can buy at most stores to use with baby bottles...

...If your baby is getting a lot of his nourishment directly at the breast, you don't need to be as concerned about nutrient loss through freezing and contact with storage containers as you do if your baby is getting only expressed milk and not nursing directly at the breast. "

What???? Tongue Tied C'mon, ladies, help me out!

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LizBookLover replied on 04-08-2010 10:07 PM

I used glass based on the Sears' citation you have at the end and because I had lipase issues with my milk.  I could heat the milk in a glass container, cool it and then freeze it.  I just used small canning jars, like for jam.  I also preferred glass because I would know for certain that the milk had nothing from the container breaking down into it and that it wasn't absorbing any odors from the refrigerator or freezer. This was a big deal because if you have a lipase office, you're always checking to make sure that the milk isn't off in any way.

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beandance replied on 04-09-2010 12:14 PM

I used plastic.  I just felt that there was a risk of dropping the glass bottles and somehow hurting the baby!  Plus they are so heavy that I though the baby would have a hard time holding them when older.  To reheat my milk I just put the bottle in a coffee mug filled with hot water for a minute or two.

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dolphinparadise replied on 04-14-2010 10:38 AM

Thanks ladies. Flowers If I use glass this time, I plan to use those protective rubbery covers to prevent breakage.

Any more thoughts or votes?

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