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Did anyone keep taking DIM, Maca or Vitex during early pregancy?

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empygirl Posted: 03-06-2010 2:46 PM

Hi all - I just confirmed this morning that I am barely pregnant. My problem is that for a couple days there I was taking both DIM and Maca in addition to my Fertility Blend supplement with Vitex in it. Taking the DIM and Maca for a few days appeared to stop my lp spotting and to help bring my temperature back above coverline. Then when I got a squinter, I stopped taking those things as recommended. And within 24 hours, my temp dropped to just above coverline again and spotting started.

I have been estrogen dominant for years and have obvious evidence of it (endo, cysts, etc). I think I am having estrogen surges that are making my temp go down and threatening this pregnancy (and caused a miscarriage last time). I am taking NPC, but I spot even with that. I am so tempted to take the DIM for a few more weeks, as it helps the body handle estrogen. I know the label says not to, but  DIM is from edible plants, and it is so early, and I am afraid of loosing another pregnancy to my stupid estrogen issues!

Has anyone kept up with any of these during early pregnancy because of hormone problems? Even if I can't do the DIM, maybe the maca or vitex could help? I know, I know, it's not recommended, yada yada. But I feel like I'm in trouble if I don't do something. It's one thing to miscarry cuz the embryo isn't's another because my hormones won't stay balanced. Ugh!

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Laura 66 replied on 03-06-2010 8:26 PM

I don't know what these herbs there a packet of info or can you google it?  I'm responding because we got pg using accu and herbs and my OB said stop herbs immediately.  I'm still on them.  But they are for pregnancy support only.  Stop for now and check to be real sure.

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jbizzy replied on 03-06-2010 10:50 PM

I'm not sure about DIM and Vitex, but quit taking the Maca immediately if you are pregnant.  Maca regulates hormones and during pregnancy your hormones are supposed to be out of wack!  If you are worried about hormones call your doctor for a blood draw.

I do understand your fears, I quit mine at 11 dpo when I got a squinter and it was really hard to do.  HTH, and congrats!!  Praying for sticky bean for you! Flowers

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motion7 replied on 02-08-2011 1:32 PM

Hi, I'm having the same questions as you, but I have been taking DIM for 3 years, its been great for me. Before i miscarried twice and I'm really afraid to stop taking dim now. I have heard its ok to use vitex thru the first 3 months, but i cant find anything on dim. What did you do?  

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thankful replied on 02-08-2011 6:54 PM

I was taking Vitex before my BFP.  I wanted to lengthen my LP and I'd had three chemical pregnancies.  I stopped taking it either the day of or the day after my positive pregnancy test.  But, I also knew that my doc was going to immediately call in progesterone suppositories for me.  I can understand your concern.  I would have a serious talk to your doc about supplementing your progesterone.  If they won't do it (and some won't) I'd find another doctor.  My prior doc wouldn't prescribe it.  She kept saying it was hocus pocus.  I thought she was saying it had a placebo effect but she said no it worked but it was hocus pocus.  Still don't know what she really meant and believe me I tried to understand!  Anyway, this time around I'm with two docs that both agree with supplementing and the specialist started me on it right away as agreed.  This might cause some debate but he said he doesn't test patients' progesterone level because so many factors can cause it to fluctuate and he doesn't believe it hurts anything to supplement so he does it out of an abundance of caution for certain women given their histories.  Mine it a natural progesterone cream from a compounding pharmacy and it's a suppository.  It can be a bit messy but I like that it's a relatively quick delivery method that's supposed to have good absorption.  GL!

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