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Using an OPK as a HPT...

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GranolaLiz Posted: 02-24-2010 7:42 PM

OK it's very long story and if you are interested, it's all in my other thread "Look at my chart and tell me when I should do HPTs"... my chart is in there too. (Warning: issue revolves around a recent m/c)

Does anyone have experience using OPKs as HPT's?

Is it true that a dark line on a OPK can mean you are pregnant, and that the OPK can show it earlier than the HPT?

Does anyone have experience using OPKs after a m/c? Did you get dark lines for a while due to "lingering hormones"?

Do you think I am nuts should stop POAS and "just relax" until my first cycle post m/c is overEmbarrassed?

Any thoughts would be appreciated. I am thoroughly confused.

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Wantbabynumber3 replied on 02-24-2010 8:46 PM

First of all, I'm sorry for your loss.  I also had a m/c and it was awful.  Hmmm... yes, you can use an OPK as a HPT although it's certainly not what it's intended to be used for so a positive OPK isn't necessarily a positive pg test.  That being said, I did use an OPK with my second son, right around the time I also took a pos HPT, and it was also very positive.  Does that help?  It did show up as positive in my case.  Now, I haven't read your other post but if you are still within the month of your m/c, yes, you could have residual hcg that would make either test positive.  I don't think there's anyway you'll be able to "just relax" (well, not if you're anything like me!) but I would try to focus on other things if you can... at least until you're 1-2 cycles post m/c.  After my m/c I really needed a few cycles where we purposefully avoided... just to give my body, heart and mind time to heal.  But, everyone is different and it's perfectly ok if you want to start ttc right away too, so long as your dr says it's okay.  I guess I wouldn't get too worked up over any test just yet... get your period, have a fresh start, then see where you are.  Did that help?  I hope so.  Hug

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VJHarvey replied on 02-24-2010 8:52 PM

THIS LINK shows about using OPKs and HPTs with graphics and everything.  I think it will PERFECTLY answer your initial question!

I'm sorry about your m/c.  I'm amazed at how many women on here have experienced one or more, myself included.  Hug to you. 

Unfortunately, most of us are POAS addicts and love to analyze every squinter along with you.  I do suggest the "relax" part, even if I could never think anyone is nuts for wanting to POAS.

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Aleigh6 replied on 02-26-2010 8:00 PM

I have experience using OPKs post m/c - I did not get dark lines until about CD11 and CD12. And I must say they were the darkest OPKS I have EVER had. I o'd on schedule and everything.

I would just relax and take it easy until your first cycle. It's hard to say but I've been there and shockingly my AF returned 30 days from the first bleeding and 21 days from the D&C. Doctor said I wouldn't start until 4-6 weeks post D&C. Guess they were wrong.

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