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Lovenox while TTC or after +BFP ...???

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bitty supernova Posted: 01-10-2010 9:04 PM

Was it decided for you to take Lovenox WHILE TTC or  AFTER +BFP [+Beta]???

Just curious what others' plans are...[I will start injections once I have a +Beta].

Thanks in advance.

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momof3 replied on 01-10-2010 9:22 PM

With my clotting disorder I am taking lovenox while TTC.  I will then continue the lovenox while I am pregnant.  I take shots twice a day.



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AngieB replied on 01-10-2010 10:02 PM

I had early onset severe HELLP and pre-eclampsia in my first pregnancy-but tested clear for a clotting disorder- so in the next pregnancy the MFM will start me on blood thinners (I'm guessing Lovenox but don't know for sure) at 6 weeks, and I'll start baby aspirin as soon as I get a BFP.

I know that most of the women with clotting disorders and that had pre-e on the Pre-eclampsia Foundation forums usually don't start it until after a BFP also, but I guess it depends on the doctor and patient.

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momof3 replied on 01-11-2010 11:49 AM

They said that they do not want me getting pregnant while I am on coumadin which is what I am usually on when I am not TTC.  If I am not on anything  I will get a clot very quickly.  Once I am pregnant they will also put me on  a baby aspirin.

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Swtbtrcup replied on 01-14-2010 7:26 PM

I took baby aspirin while TTC.  As soon as I got my BFP my hematologist put me on 40mg Lovenox 1x a day.  I have protein S deficiency so early lovenox is important for me because it prevents a blood clot while the placenta is forming. 


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Baroness replied on 01-14-2010 7:36 PM

I start it 5 days past trigger.. 2-3 dpo. 

I tend to m/c just after 4 weeks, so they want me on it sooner.. 

I am homozygous for MTHFR and tested highly positive for APA's and ANA's (i think that was the 3rd one). So lots of clotting problems on my end. no fun. 


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Spiral replied on 01-15-2010 7:40 AM

With both of my pregnancies that ended in live births, I began Lovenox the day I got my BFP. I was already taking baby aspirin.

I think it really depends on your diagnosis and what the doc would like.


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erussell replied on 01-21-2010 12:19 PM

When I was pregnant with DS, I began Lovenox when I got my BFP.  I am MTHFR homozygous.

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