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5,000 vs. 10,000 iu Trigger

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Pointrunner Posted: 07-20-2009 8:05 PM
What is/are the most common reason(s) why a doctor would give a woman 10,000 iu instead of the 5,000 iu?

Last cycle, I was given 5,000 iu, and I am very concerned this did not make me ovulate until 2-3 days later. My doctor has assured me that this is not possible, etc., yet it has become a source of apprehension for me.

I am wondering if he might agree to give me a 10,000 dose this cycle, and schedule the IUI for one day earlier. (I digress)


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pixiesmom replied on 07-23-2009 2:38 PM
As far as I know, they may have lowered the dose of hcg to 5,000 due to yur E2 levels or amount of follies you produced. High levels of Hcg have a stronger effect OHSS, causeing it to be worse. The trigger shot will release your mature follies regardless of the dose being 5,000 or 10,000. The main difference is the amount of time the trigger stayes in your system. If you looked like you may have a good amount of eggs ready at time of iui, 36 hours later, they may have lowered your dose. You have to remember the follies continue to grow up until they are released, so those little guys that may almost be ready may be ready at time of release. My RE had me lower the dose to 5,000 on our last iui, and we are currently 11 weeks along. If you notice that you regularly Time after the iui, talk to your RE about doing it later on. I was always the opposite, and Time earlier, so I worked with the RE to figure timing and we went from there. Good luck to you!
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MurphysGirl replied on 07-24-2009 9:33 AM
I know all about this!

The 5,000 iu made me Timetwo days later (when we did our first IUI the day after the trigger) Thus I ovulated 2 days after my trigger which resulted in BFN.

With 10,000 iu I Timethe next day which was when was did our IUI. Resulted in BFP.

I had told me RE on several occasions that my body had a delay response to 5,000 iu. I finally talked him into doing 10,000 iu (since I had done it previously this way with my GYN). My re gave in and it worked!!!

For me there was a big difference between 5,000 iu and 10,000 iu!

Its all about figuring out which dose works better for you! Especially when timing it with an IUI!

Her: 33  Him: 30

DX in 2008 with hydrosalpinx of the fallopian tubes and low ovarian reserve

BFP in March of 09' - Angel in April of 09' w/ ectopic pregnancy (loss of my only remaining fallopian tube)

Started IVF on Sept. 18th of 09 - BFP on Oct 12th.

First u/s revealed twins!

1/10 & 1/18 -Gender Ultrasound!

We are blessed with twin Baby BoyBaby Boy due July 5th, 2010

March 10th - Emergency/Rescue Cerclage ~ Hospital bedrest for 80 days

May 17th - Happy Birthday to my precious twin boys~ They arrived @ 33 weeks - 8 days in NICU

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Luke Orion ~ 8:54 a.m. ~ 3 lbs. 6 oz.

We are truly blessed! Smile


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Pointrunner replied on 07-24-2009 9:14 PM
Thank you, ladies.

My doctor is adamant that I ovulated 36-40 hours after trigger, but my body, temps and OPK told a much different story. I need to figure out how to "talk him into" increasing my dose.
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rwalters replied on 07-25-2009 9:26 AM
My RE had me on 10,000 units of Ovidrel and I didn't Time. I told my RE that based on continued Time pains, and no temp rise I believed that I did not in fact Time after the trigger and she upped my dose to 20,000 units. I did Time then.

Be upfront with your doctor about the temps and such and say that you feel you should try the higher dose. I think sometimes doctors forget that not every woman is going to react the same to medication, but remember you know your body best!! [#]
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jennim replied on 07-25-2009 7:52 PM
According to my body, I do not ovulate until 2 -4 days after the trigger shot. I was so upset when we did our second IUI (back in March/April) because I o'd 2 days after the IUI, but we still got pregnant. My RE told me post-wash sperm live up to 72 hours so we were still covered. Unfortunately, the Coffee ended in a Angel....

Everytime I mention to my RE that I temp, she tells me to stop, because you can still ovulate and just have a delay in your temp rise.

I would just talk to your doctor about increasing your trigger shot, if he/she says no then ask for further explanation.

Good Luck!
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Pointrunner replied on 07-31-2009 1:10 PM
Thank you all again.

We went in this past Wednesday for the IUI, and I pretty much demanded that they draw bloodwork to run a progesterone count, before the procedure. And, the next morning as well.

The first one indicated a 1.4 (however that is read) P4 level, which meant I definitely ovulated within the time frame, up until the 44-hour mark when they drew the blood. Yesterday morning's count was higher.

So...I highly recommend the requesting of bloodwork to check the progesterone level. I'm not going to say this was without a struggle to get them to agree to it, which ticks me off....

...I think I will start a thread to elaborate.
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