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Lots of cramping in luteal phase (not pregnant)???

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garysmom Posted: 12-09-2009 6:55 PM


Just wondering if anyone else experiences this and knows what it is.

A little background.  I have been trying for over a year for a baby and have had 2 losses.  An ectopic in October of last year, and then a loss at 18 weeks this past August.  Since the latest loss, my cycles have been so off.  Most worrisome to me is the cramping I have throughout the 2ww.  I don't know what causes it but I am concerned that the cramping will impede implantation from occurring.  I have called the doctor and spoke with the nurse about it and she really didn't know what to say about it.  All I got from her was to TTC for 6 cycles and if nothing has happened, go in. 

Does any have any thoughts on what could be causing this.  I can't find anything on the internet, except cramping in the 2ww being an early sign of pregnancy.  That is not the case here!

Thanks in advance.


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annie1978 replied on 12-09-2009 7:04 PM

First, I'm so sorry for your losses.  As for the cramping, I frequently have a bearing down/cramping feeling about a week before my period.  I always see it as a sign my period is coming.  My doctor didn't think too much of it, but my acupuncturist thought it might be a sign of a weak luteal phase (which I have other symptoms of - spotting, temp fluctuations during my luteal phase, sometimes short luteal phase).  I did acupuncture with herbs for about 6 months, and I found that this helped some to get rid of the cramps, and it definitely got rid of the spotting.  Maybe you could see if the doctor could give you something to support your luteal phase, for example progesterone.  You may also post this question on the alternative medicine board and see if others have suggestions to support/strengthen the luteal phase.  Good luck!

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CelesteM replied on 12-13-2009 7:13 PM

I also have cramping starting from about 5 dpo. Like Annie, my RE isn't concerned, but my acupuncturist thought it was a sign of weakness in the LP. I was typically having two temperature crashes in my LP, although no other symptoms like spotting. He's been treating me for about two months, and this past month my temp stayed high the whole LP. I did still have cramps, but I think the even temp is a good sign. 

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garysmom replied on 12-14-2009 9:16 AM

Thanks for the replies ladies.  I was considering acu but wanted to wait until after the holidays because of the cost.  I am going to try maca and see if that helps.  I never cramped during the luteal phase before this miscarriage so I really believe something is off.


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