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Why so many pregnancies while using Nuvaring? More effective than BCP?

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jenries88 Posted: 08-24-2009 10:37 PM
In one of my posts here, several people commented on Nuvaring, stating they know someone who has gotten PG while using it. I just did some reading on it, and according to the FDA, it's more effective than the pill. So, why the Nuvaring pregnancies? [shr] Are people using it incorrectly?
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LilyRN replied on 08-25-2009 1:29 AM
I have a coworker who swears she got Coffee on the NuvaRing, but when pressed, she said she left it out for 3 weeks instead of 1, so... I wouldn't exactly count that as a NuvaRing pregnancy, more of a "no BC" pregnancy. [shr]

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christabree replied on 08-25-2009 8:55 AM
I know a girl who said hers fell out and she didn't know for 2 weeks. I know when I was using it my Dr told me to check for it to make sure it was still in.

I used Nuvaring for close to 3 years with no pregnancy.
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lexi_029 replied on 08-25-2009 1:22 PM
I would think it slips out. I know my friend said hers fell out a few times.
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DVMmomtobe replied on 08-25-2009 2:43 PM
I'm kind of surprised, as well - and it's hard to know what to believe at this point.

I'm not one to blindly believe "the establishment" but I'm also a firm believer in honest science. The studies are available providing the numbers for the Nuvaring success rate, while it's hard to quantify the random comments of "I know someone who knows someone who got pregnant while using it."

I'm not saying there aren't women who get pregnant while using it perfectly (perfect use will still result in 1 pregnancy in 100 users). I'm also sure there are women who don't use it perfectly (either it slips out or they remove it for sex and don't reinsert in time, etc), and may have increased odds of pregnancy, despite "using" it.

I haven't heard of any broad reports of nuvaring failure (while often when true medical failures/disparities occur, there ARE broad discussions of it - of current concerns are Wellbutrin vs generic bupropion, etc). Most reports that arise with google reflect "I got pregnant on Nuvaring! (oh, wait, well I did wait an extra 3 days to get a new one...)" There are studies arising that suggest the risk of blood clot on nuvaring might be increased (just like with the patch) but failure rates haven't been revised.

I used it for almost 4 years with good results/no side effects. I'm off it now since we're hoping to TTC in the next year or so, and I'd like time for my cycles to normalize. I'll probably go back to it if I return to HBC. (The slight increase in blood clot/stroke risk are worth the minimal side effects, if I decide to use HBC again)

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replied on 08-25-2009 3:37 PM
mine would come down/out during bm.. sorry tmi. i hated it! doc said i had weak floor muscles?

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christabree replied on 08-25-2009 8:06 PM

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mine would come down/out during bm.. sorry tmi. i hated it! doc said i had weak floor muscles?

Mine would too. I ended up taking it out every time we BD. It says it can be out up to 4 hours, and I would never have it out more than 1 hour. And I never had any issues doing that.
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Meg0906 replied on 08-27-2009 10:49 AM
I used it for about a year and didn't get Coffee but my friend used it and got preggo. She however was on antibiotics and didn't read that antibiotics reduces the effectiveness of bc. So that wasn't nuvaring's fault.

Mine never slipped out or anything. I had zero problems with it. I won't go back to it though because I found out I have a blood clotting disorder and can't use hormonal bc.



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Fiddle-On replied on 08-28-2009 1:59 PM
I know two women who have had babies on the nuvaring. I didn't think to ask if theirs was falling out or if they "left it out" too long or anything like that.
I've only heard not good things about it IRL.
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kp3 replied on 08-28-2009 4:19 PM
I was on the Nuva Ring before I got pregnant with my DS. DS was planned by the way. It wasn't a Nuva Ring pregnancy.

It worked great, no problems, never fell out or anything. But when I tried to go back on it after DS, it wouldn't stay in place and I had to keep pushing it back up there. I guess from the birth my pelvic floor weakened. So now I'm not using it anymore for awhile.



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1Monkey replied on 08-28-2009 10:31 PM
My sister in law got pregnant on the nuva ring...she was on the 5 year plan on not having kids!! She was sure to put it in when she was supposed to! She just didn't feel good so she went to the doctor, they told her "your pregnant" and that she needed to take the ring out right it was still in when she found out. And she was already 13 weeks preggo at that point. Her body never missed a beat! I swear she should be the next "I didn't know I was pregnant show"!!![L]

One of my close friends also got pregnant on the ring. No failures to put it in, or sliding out and she didn't even know either. She went to the doc and they told her she was pregnant too! She was told to take it out and she did right there in the office. She was 18 weeks when she found out! She got pregnant a second time on the ring also...the doc said that she shouldn't use the ring again![L] Apparently it "just doesn't work for her!!"Stick out tongue

But I do agree in a sense that maybe some women don't realize it had fallen out in some cases...or don't put it back in when they should...I don't know. Nothing is fool proof though! It can does happen. I've seen it! This wasn't I know someone who knows someone who might have gotten pregnant on the ring. I know them personally!

Who really knows?!Wink
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jenries88 replied on 08-28-2009 10:55 PM
Was thinking about it more today...I've also heard tons of "I got PG on the pill" stories in my life. I was on the pill for 8 years without a pregnancy. [shr]
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