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Natural Spermicides and Femprotect

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Ursa Posted: 06-25-2003 10:34 AM
These are some recipes that I have gathered mostly from the DiaphragmsAndCaps list at yahoogroups of which I am a member. I am not an expert on these nor can I give you any guarantees or effectiveness ratings. They are here for your information and consideration. There is more information on lab tests posted in the files of the list I just mentioned. I myself feel absolutely comfortable and safe with them with condoms/cap/diaphragm. I would never use spermacide alone so obviously don't recommend using any of these natural spermacides alone. Others may feel differently on the matter.

Aloe Vera and Lemon Juice
 1 TBS (20ml) pure Aloe Vera
 4 drops lemon juice
Mix well and store in the fridge up to two weeks.
The above recipe was adjusted from 3 drops as stated at to 4 drops to increase effectiveness.

Do not use regular honey!

Lemon Honey Cornstarch
Again, do not use regular honey, see above.
 Lemon juice (14 drops)
 Honey
 Cornstarch (tsp.)
Lemon juice and honey are both spermacidal (honey is also antibacterial) and cornstarch is used as a thickening agent) Not sure on amounts of each yet, sorry

The folowing is the formula for the natural lactic acid gel that I purchase from the UK. With shipping it comes to the same or less of buying a tube of the N-9 variety at a local US pharmacy. It is easier for me to do this than to find a pharmacist willing to make it for me and probably pay a much higher price.
Lactic Acid Gel
It has a neutral smell & natural sensation and keeps for about 5 months if kept in an airtight container or tube. This recipe should make approximately 100g of gel:

 8 g Amylum Tritici (wheat starch)
 11 g Aqua purificata (distilled water)
 3.5 g Acidum lacticum (lactic acid)
 76 g Glycerinum (85%)
 4 g Tragacantha albissim; pulverized
 10 g Spiritus (90%)

Allow 8g wheat starch to soak for at least 15 minutes in 11 g distilled water in which 1 g lactic acid has been dissolved. Stir several times. Afterwards, add 76 g Glycerinum and mix well. In a different receptacle, mix 4 g Tragacantha with 10 g Spiritus, stir thoroughly and add this mixture to the first mixture. Then, heat the combined mixture in a boiling bain-marie and stir continuously until all alcohol has vaporised completely (check by smelling!) and the gel has thickened and become viscous (approximately 20-40 min.). During this process and at the end, add water several times to supplement the vaporised share to make 100 g.

Read further down the thread for the Femprotect (brand name lactic acid spermicidal gel) information.
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Ursa replied on 06-27-2003 7:23 AM
I'm putting more thourough information on Femprotect, the brand-name lactic acide gel, in a separate post.
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ceciclem replied on 06-27-2003 10:43 AM
That is *really* interesting. Thanks for posting it. Do you mind if I ask if you've had any personal experience with any of these home formulations?

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Ursa replied on 06-27-2003 2:29 PM
the lactic acid gel (although I buy the brand name Femprotect, used to be another called Contracep Green, they are the same formula but Contracep Green is no longer available) I like it and I'm not pregnant Wink either so it works for me (with condoms, soon to be a cap)
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girlx3118 replied on 06-28-2003 4:30 PM
Hi Ursa,

I hope this one goes through, this is my third attempt in sending. My server is totally messed up today.

Thanks for sharing your great ideas and info. The lactic acid totally makes sense. Personally, I've used vitamin C in large doses several times a day. It would seem to do the same thing as your recipes, raising the acidity level of cm, making it inhospitible for sperm.

One site I've found particularly helpful is:

Thanks again! Have a good weekend.
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Ursa replied on 06-28-2003 9:16 PM
Chipmunk, I don't think you would be able to make the lactic acid gel recipe yourself, if you see the note above it, I mention that you need a pharmacist/chemist to make that one for you. See my Femprotect post on this board for information on the name brand of the lactic acid gel.

Steph, I'm very familiar with that website and have read about the Vitamin C, totally forgot about it when I made this post. Thanks for mentioning it!
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Ursa replied on 07-17-2003 11:08 AM
Just bumping back to page one
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Ursa replied on 08-09-2003 2:58 PM
Femprotect - Lactic Acid Contraceptive Gel

Femprotect is a reliable spermicidal gel. It was first developed by NVSH in the Netherlands for use with diaphragms, cervical caps and condoms under the name Contracep Green which was tested in the laboratories of NVSH and strictly to the norms of IPPF (International Planned Parenthood Federation). Because of its natural composition Femprotect doesn’t damage latex diaphragms, caps or condoms. Additionally, Femprotect is a good water based lubricant for use during any sexual activity. (Note: Never use oil or petroleum based lubricants together with latex diaphragms, caps or condoms). Femprotect is manufactured by the German pharmacy MERKUR-Apotheke, Nürnberg.

Instructions for Use

Diaphragms: Apply 5ml (1tsp) of the gel in the middle of the inside of the dome of the diaphragm. Spread the gel with help of your finger over the whole inside surface and the inside of the rim.

Cervical Caps: Fill the dome of the cap 1/3 full with gel and follow the instruction for use of your cap. Femprotect is suitable for all kinds of latex cervical caps, Oves cervical caps and Femcaps.

Condoms: Apply a small amount of Femprotect on the penis inside the condom first then a small additional amount on the tip of the outside of the condom before penetration.

Side effects

Femprotect is very well tolerated. You can use the gel as long and as often as you like it. In rare cases of reactions you should stop using Femprotect and ask your healthcare provider or pharmacist for advice. Femprotect is colourless and odourless and doesn’t stain.

Composition (100g tube)

Lactic acid 3.5 %
Sorbic acid 0.1 %
Sodium lactate 4.5 %
Tylose h 300 7.5 %
Glycerol 15.0%
Water 69.4%


If you keep Femprotect in a cool place, it will last for 12 months (from production date). Please observe the expiry date on the package.


No method of contraception is 100% effective therefore decisions made about your contraception should be informed and carefully considered. Natural spermicides have been shown to compare favourably to chemical spermicides in immobilising sperm in laboratory tests and anecdotally with similar efficacy when used with a diaphragm or cap. However because there has been no large-scale clinical trials to prove the efficacy of natural spermicides using these as an alternative to chemical spermicides has to be an individual woman’s informed choice.

For more inforamtion you can join the Diaphragm and Cap list or the FertilityAwareness list at yahoogroups.
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Kristin0713 replied on 04-29-2004 4:20 PM
Is Femprotect available in the US? Online?
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Ambivalent Dreams replied on 08-12-2007 5:42 PM
Thank you for this post!

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derdsgirl replied on 09-21-2007 3:12 PM
I have a question:

If I can't use regular honey, why can't I use organic honey instead of Manuka?

Why can't I use regular honey anyway?

ok. I guess that was two questions...


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lyrl replied on 09-21-2007 5:28 PM
I see two possibilities:

1)Only Manuka honey was tested (all the spermicides in the OP have been shown to immobilize sperm in a laboratory dish), and regular honey has not been tested.

2)Both Manuka and regular honey were tested, and recipes with regular honey did not immobilize sperm.

Which possibility is true, I don't know [shr]

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derdsgirl replied on 09-22-2007 11:30 PM
Thanks Lyrl

I guess I will have to do more research. I have also heard about "Honey Caps" evidently you soak your diaphragm in honey. I'm not sure. I wonder what kind of honey they use in those?

It's just that I have about a gallon of organic honey (I accidentally ordered too much from an organic bee-keeper at my church), and spermicides are starting to bother I thought it might be a good idea to see how this works...

I'll do more reasearch before I soak anything in honey.

I thought it might have something to do with chemicals/bacteria in non-Manuka honey (kind of like you can't give an infant honey...I don't know)

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Calladona replied on 10-08-2007 5:33 PM
Anyone have any more information on natural spermicides? Particularly natural spermicides that I might find somewhere in the US? Femprotect sounds great, but I'm not sure how I could get some?


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lyrl replied on 10-08-2007 7:16 PM
The contact information for a London practice that sells Femprotect is available here. It is somewhat expensive, especially after international shipping, but a number of members of the Yahoo! group are happy with it.

There is also a company that makes a different lactic-acid based spermicide Contragel Green. There has been some speculation Contragel Green and Femprotect are the same thing (Femprotect is manufactured in Germany), but the ingredients lists are a little bit different.

Me (28) · DH (30)    Unmarried to each other May 17, 2003

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missmagoo replied on 10-10-2008 11:39 AM

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