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Domperidone: Why isn't it approved by the FDA?

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amyt Posted: 11-02-2009 4:40 PM
Hello ladies, I'm hoping you can help me explain this to my husband.

I make a fine amount of milk for my daughter whenever I'm around her and all through the weekends, etc., but I'm having a lot of trouble pumping during work. At most, I get 8 oz a day and when I ovulate and get af, I pump way less.

I've tried everything else I can think of. I'd like to try dom, but I respect my husband and he is hesitant to be okay with me trying it since it's not approved by the FDA for this reason, and it's an actual medication.

Can you help me navigate through the issues with taking this medication for a husband who is concerned?


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ChristineSK replied on 11-02-2009 4:50 PM
Info on that from Dr. Hale (probably *the* foremost expert on medications and breastmilk).

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ncuneo replied on 11-02-2009 9:35 PM
I know you say you've tried everything, so forgive me if I make suggestions you've already exhausted, but Fenugreek WITH Blessed Thistle helped me a lot. The Blessed Thistle improves the results of the Fenugreek. Also Oatmeal, lots of water and a calcium/magnesium supplement help too.

I've heard that dom has some pretty awful side effects so be sure to check that out as well (I'm might be confusing it with that other drug for supply issues the name of it is escaping me), but a lot exclusive pumpers use dom or this other drug. Check out the Exclusive Pumping message board on iVillage there is lots of info there. HTH.

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amyt replied on 11-02-2009 10:24 PM

ORIGINAL: ncuneo

I know you say you've tried everything, so forgive me if I make suggestions you've already exhausted, but Fenugreek WITH Blessed Thistle helped me a lot.

I'm going to try this next. I used this with dd1 and didn't notice a difference, but perhaps it will work this time. Come to think of it, I was able to pump more at a time with dd1...

Anyway, it's so frustrating for me to know that she gets plenty when nursing at any other time. I'm so thankful for that! I'm just looking down the road when my freezer stash runs out and I know that instead of thinking about how far I've made it I'll be upset because I really want to make it to a year with ebf! This is just what I get obsessive about...I'm trying to combat it before I get like I get!
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MrsBee replied on 11-02-2009 10:40 PM
I've heard that dom has some pretty awful side effects

Reglan is usually worse off as far as side-effects, since it crosses the blood brain barrier. It can have some neurological side effects (yuck). The biggest complaint I have heard from dom is weight gain (which doesn't happen in all cases), and that's probably because it is meant to be used as a stomach emptier.

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stormchaser28 replied on 11-03-2009 7:42 AM
There are plenty of things that aren't approved by the FDA. Being approved by them is all about money. Melatonin supplements aren't approved either by them but I took them in early pregnancy b/c I couldn't sleep and my doctor okay'd it.
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Tristan replied on 11-03-2009 4:13 PM
Here's an interesting article that summarizes the FDA domperidone controversy very well:

The book, Defining Your Own Success, summarizes it in this way:

The reason demperidone is not available in the US may be due to competition between similar drugs used promarily to treat gastrointestinal disorders or inadequate funding for the drug approval process, rather than for any concerns of safety.

It is interesting to me that a drug like Reglan is approved by the FDA for increasing milk supply but it is shown to have riskier side effects than domperidone.

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amyt replied on 11-03-2009 8:14 PM
Oh, thanks sooo much for that article, Tristan! [f][f]

I find that interesting too. My sil was prescribed Reglan for her low supply and after a discussion of side effects occurred with her, she decided not to take it. I just started my fenugreek and blessed thistle today, but if I don't see results rather quickly (within a week or so), I am going to put an order in.

My biggest problem is that I will have to pump every school day at least three times a day for the rest of the year. My ydd will raise my supply at the beginning of the week, but by Wednesday we are back down to square one. I used to pump so much milk this past summer, but once the supply leveled off, here we are.
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