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FAQ Semen vs. EWCM: How do you tell the difference?

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Posted: 12-16-2002 2:17 PM

Hi Everyone, One difficulty I face during each fertile period of my cycle is attempting to determine the quality of my CM when I'm BDing every day. How do you tell the difference between EWCM and semen? Thanks!

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timandjen replied on 12-16-2002 3:26 PM
Put it in water. CM forms a clump, and semen stays stringy.

Try it sometime when you know for sure what it is (when you are nowhere near O, put some semen in water and see what happens, then when you think you have ewcm but know you have not bd'd recently, put some in water and see what it does). That's the best way to tell the difference.

I also find that if I bd at night, the semen is gone by the next day, but that may not be true for everyone.
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FunnyBaby replied on 12-16-2002 3:35 PM
I find that the products of arousal tend to be very thin, very clear, and kinda shiney. EW (for me at least) tends to be thicker, cloudier, and not shiney.


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missyz replied on 12-16-2002 3:38 PM
I have been doing the technique from the FAM book - after BD, wait a little while (I try to wait at least a half hour), then when you go to the bathroom, do kegels. Then each time you go to the bathroom do kegels again. It gets rid of the semen quicker that would otherwise be slowly trickling out. I didn't do them last cycle and I couldn't tell the difference, but I did it this cycle and I noticed it worked better for me. Good Luck :)
replied on 12-18-2002 11:23 AM
Just curious... would odor be a reliable test? I generally check my CM throughout the day and it's not practical for me to drop it in some water in the public restroom. Since semen has a distinctive smell, if it smells like regular old CM, is that what it is? The idea of sniffing my CM is rather odd [l], but if it would help me to tell the difference, I suppose I could try it.

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beefbaby replied on 12-18-2002 12:14 PM
LOL, Streak -- I have to say, I've been guilty of giving a good whiff when in doubt! [L]
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AinNJ replied on 01-13-2003 10:21 AM
semen will evaporate! of course, if its mixed with fertile cm it wont. but all by itself, semen will evaporate.

so blow on your finger after checking your cm. if it starts to evaporate, then its semen. if it stays moist, its cm.
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replied on 04-28-2003 12:53 PM
We BD this morning and a few hours later while in the bathroom I noticed a lot of EWCM!!! It was VERY stretchy- about 20 inches long (no joke) and clear! It did not evaporate in my fingers. This should be around the time I O. Do you think it was EWCM or from BD this morning?

If we conceive today that would be the best B-Day present ever!!!! Today is my birthday. Big Smile
replied on 04-28-2003 12:54 PM
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timandjen replied on 04-28-2003 1:04 PM
Waiting - The FAQ posts are for sharing experiences on frequently discussed topics so that others can look there for info without having to ask the same question again, but in general questions posted here are not noticed, and therefore go unanswered.

If you've done the water test and are still unsure, it's probably best to post your question on the TTC board for more advice. More people will see it there.Smile
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Trixyinaz replied on 06-01-2003 8:49 PM
That's really funny that some of you say that your EWCM is not shiney. Mine is and the only way I know this is because a few months ago when we couldn't TTC b/c DH was out of town during O week, I had lots of EWCM and it was stretchy, clear and shiny (we hadn't had sex in weeks so I knew it wasn't semen). When I wipe after peeing and the TP "slides" when I wipe, the only way I can see it is because it shines on the toitel paper and is stretched across it. Even when I reach in and get some, it is still shiny on my fingers and very lubey.
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dal replied on 06-09-2003 9:39 PM
I'm not sure whether it is my partner's semen, astroglide (which we use very little of), my arousal fluids, or some combination of these, but after BD I do find that the fluids coming out of me are stretchy. Actually, they look just like EWCF, so I wouldn't rely on the fact that the fluids are stretchy to rule out that it is a combination of semen and your arousal fluids. The water tests sounds more reliable. [#]
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gdmeadows replied on 06-19-2003 1:17 AM
I usually do not have too much trouble telling the difference between the two. I don't usually check CF until afternoon of the next day. By then most of the spermies are gone. I read somewhere that if you try to stetch it between your fingers or attempt to- seminal fluid will appear "cob webby" very thin, fine, strands (multiple strands). CF will usually be thicker and will stretch in only a few larger strands. Hope this helps Smile
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lmsand replied on 08-10-2003 2:44 PM
I keep trying the water test to figure out if I'm seeing EWCM or semen the day after bd. I understand that EWCM supposedly forms a (white-ish?) clump when it's put in water. Can anyone give a better description of what semen looks like when you put it in water? Does it turn white? Dissolve? What?
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JustReg replied on 08-10-2003 4:36 PM
Semen floats in water, EWCM sinks.Smile
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timandjen replied on 08-10-2003 6:05 PM
EWCM can float, though it often sinks. But semen generally stays pretty stringy.

But, the best thing I can suggest that you do is, sometime when you know you don't have ewcm (like shortly after O), take a good look at the semen in the toilet after bd. Then you'll know for sure what it looks like.Smile
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Destiney replied on 10-11-2005 5:40 PM


Semen floats in water, EWCM sinks.Smile

My fertile fluid forms a ball and floats in water , and semen tends to just sperate and dissolve . I notice semen is foamy looking and does not stretch very far and EW is very stretchy .
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iheartua07 replied on 11-14-2009 5:24 PM

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