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FAQ The Not pregnancy symptoms post...

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Hermione Posted: 08-27-2002 7:47 PM

Hey! I have been obsessively going over the early pg symptoms post...and realized that I have a ton of them! Its time for me to get a reality this post is for 2ww symptoms that you thought were pg symptoms, but you werent pg.... thanks guys! Marcy 11dpo and going mad!

replied on 08-27-2002 8:15 PM
OK, here ya go

6-10 dpo: crampiness, like very dull AF cramps
10 dpo: nausea (but I think I had too much supper ;)
10-12 dpo: slight twinges in my breasts, almost like a sunburned feeling
11 dpo: beautiful TRIPHASIC chart
12 dpo: BFN

Gotta love the 2WWBig Smile
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Jewel™ replied on 08-27-2002 8:53 PM

7dpo ~ redish brown thick spotting
8dpo ~ heartburn and nausea
9-10dpo ~ cramps, heartburn
11dpo ~ constipation, heartburn, nausea, BFN
12-15dpo ~ Late af, cramps, heartburn, nausea, sore bbs, BFN
15-19dpo ~ nausea, heartburn, sore bbs, BFN
20dpo ~ low and behold AF
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teetoes replied on 08-27-2002 9:02 PM
Ok.... I can't post my DPO because we are still trying to determine when exactly it happened. Her'e some of my things though:

Very sensitive nipples (not hurting, but I could feel them there much more, usually I know when DH is touching them but can't usually tell exactly where TMI i know)
No zits
Very tired (Could be that new job I started LOL)
Very emotional
Last night (8.27) BFN.... no AF yet though, but should be here tomorrow or the next day with these zits that showed up in the past 2 hours!

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Leann replied on 08-27-2002 9:35 PM
Not that I ovulate often, but the time before last, I had:

Sore Sore boobies
Erect nipples, like little rocks
Funky feelings in my uterus
Then started spotting at 10dpo
At 11 dpo there was AF.


I was so depressed!

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fracas replied on 08-27-2002 9:58 PM
Marcy, you won't believe this but I've been toying with the idea to post an identical thread (only I wanted to call it The PHONY Early Symptoms Post) for two weeks but never got round to do it, so now I'm glad you did it for me!! Big Smile

I love the Early Symptoms Post (and I will continue to visit) but I have to admit it makes me obsess to no end. It is be great to have a post like this where we can take a reality check and learn/try NOT to obsess. I had most of the symptoms described in the ESP one time or another in the 2ww and yet never been PG. Here are some of them:

- AF-like cramps and pulling and stretching in lower abdomen. Yap, have to live with the fact that it is a normal phenomena for me from ovulation to AF.

- Nausea. I often have nausea in the 2ww. Can't explain why. According to my doctor nausea is contagious. You can think of having nausea and you can get it, you can WANT to have nousea and you will have it! Amen

- Implantation spotting. Had that at 8 DPO couple of months ago, yap, accompanid by cramps.. Was so excited I told DH and made HIM obsess. Need I say it was one of my worse cycles.

- Implantation dip. Had that too, in June. Look at my chart if you don't believe me.

- Gas, constipation (sorry, TMI) lightheaded and hot flashes. well, looks like these symptoms are not a prerogative of being PG!

As you can imagine I now ignore every sign I might have in the 2ww and my life HAS improved! Big Smile
The only recorrent symptom I haven't had so far is tons-of-creamy-CM. So that's is the only thing I'm keeping watch for!Wink

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KathyT replied on 08-27-2002 10:27 PM
My obsessiveness about pregnancy symptoms is definately contagious. This past cycle my husband pointed out that my nipples were darker than usual, and wasn't that a pregnancy symptom? LOL. I think I've been talking about pregnancy "symptoms" too much with him.
replied on 08-27-2002 10:45 PM
What are my non pg symptoms? Well, every symptom that is posted on the pg symptoms board!!

You name it? I've had it! (hahahahahaha!).Big Smile

No,really, my pre AF symptoms are sooo similiar to real pg symptoms, it is unreal. I no longer pay attention. Just to anything that really stands out!
(which is nothing yet, i'm afraid!)Angry
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selenanz replied on 08-28-2002 12:29 AM
Ha ha this thread is great Smile

Mine are:
Sore BBs at O until AF
Not sore until 9-10 dpo BBs
Sore nipples
Not sore nipples
Early cramps
No cramps
Lots of creamy CM after O
watery CM after O
Any sort of CM that looks more yellowish after O

Big Smile Who has a "normal" cycle??
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LadyP replied on 08-28-2002 8:24 AM
Phony symptoms I have had in all my cycles:

Sore nipples from O to AF - gallop downstairs without a bra and I know about it!
Yellowish creamy stretchy CM - lots of it.
Nausea - usually due to DHs driving or lack of food.
Always pert nipples - mine are usually flat & so I call them lazy).
Sharp and dull twinges in my lower abdomen.
Temp dips in most cycles.
Never been triphasic.
My LP is usually 9-10 daysSad

What I have this cycle ( currently 11DPO):
Nothing much apart from a few dull AF like twinges.Wink
Nips have become a little tender in the last day or so.

I really think there is no such thing as an early symptom. Everyone is different and so react in different ways to the progesterone.
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smudgie95 replied on 08-28-2002 9:00 AM
I finally get to post these somewhere Big Smile

3dpo - nausea
4dpo - Headache, Nausea, tingly breasts
Indegestion.Cramps in right side lower abdomen/pelvic area and down my leg.
Slight twinges in my left side, pulling in my abdomen right side.
5dpo - Nausea, indegestion
6dpo - Nausea, tingly breasts, indegestion, cramping(dull like af cramps
7dpo - Crampy
8dpo - Nothing
9dpo - Nausea, crampy, frequent urination, headache, watery cm.
10dpo - Nausea, crampy, frequent urination, headache, weepy
11dpo - Weepy, extremely warm, BFN
12dpo -AF like cramps but no AF, leg cramping, breasts tingly, tired. Woke up sweating and then had chills. nauseous, backache, headache. Indigestion
13dpo - Leg cramps, cramping in right side and backache, a little nausea. Tingly breasts. Still peeing a lot.
14dpo - pulling and pinching around navel.
15dpo - same as above.
16dpo - af like cramps, nasuea, tighting in lower left abs
17dpo - af like cramps, BFN
18dpo - af like cramps
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wikokopelli replied on 08-28-2002 10:10 AM
What 2ww symptoms? I get symptoms PRIOR to Oing! For about 2ww before Oing I was nauseous, achey, feeling funky and extremely tired (even taking naps during lunch), I even had a day with a really nasty taste in my mouth. So far since the s/w thinks I O'd I just have spotting and the feeling building up to AF.
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beefbaby replied on 08-28-2002 10:33 AM
Yah!! I can't believe I FINALLY get to post here!!

From 0-3dpo achey, heavy feeling in uterus
4dpo BFN!
Lots of creamy cm
Spotting after bd'ing 5dpo
BFN 7dpo (guess it wasn't ib!)
Sore bbs from 8dpo on
Very hungry all the time [L]
10dpo got up twice to pee!
Bloating begins
13 dpo Spot starts whining
14dpo AF arrives!!

replied on 08-28-2002 11:42 AM | Locked
[Deleted by Admins]
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fracas replied on 08-28-2002 12:28 PM
How could I have forgotten the sore and swollen boobs?!
It is such legendary symptom! ...and très pre-AF! Well, I won't be fooled anymore. Wink
DH still misses the compulsory early morning inspection, poor thing.. Smile
replied on 08-29-2002 8:51 AM
[Deleted by Admins]
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LadyP replied on 08-29-2002 12:51 PM
Funny you should say that - I have had a magnetic kitty for about 3-4 days now. AF started this afternoon.....Sad I think she likes to wind me up - or maybe they sense that you'll be needing some comfort soon....?
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lauraebk replied on 08-29-2002 1:33 PM
ok, how about


when i want to put salt on bacon and potatoe chips because NOTHING is salty enuf!!

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Becca1 replied on 08-29-2002 1:56 PM
All of 'em! This is GREAT!!! Thank you!

I thought of another post that would be really helpful to keep us from obsessing up the whazoo ... its on the grads board, too. "PREGNANT w/minimal 2ww symptoms?". Hopefully it'll get bumped with responses!

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Shimmers replied on 08-29-2002 3:00 PM
Great Post [L]

Every 2ww: [ul]Star1dpo + - Heartburn.
Star1dpo + - Sore BBS.
StarTwinges in the lower abdomen.
StarNipples *at attention*
StarFuller BBS.
StarCreamy CM
StarBlue veins in BBs

Some 2ww's
[ul] StarBurning BBs like they are on fire
StarItchy BBs - made me crazy
StarLight Headed
StarDH said I smell "Sweeter than normal"
StarDD said that I am PG
StarCrampy feeling at 5dpo
StarBurning feeling in lower abdomen at 7dpo
StarEmotional - cry easily
StarPG dreams
StarDarker Areolas
StarLarger Areolas
StarItchy *down there*
StarStinky Pee
StarFrequent Urination
StarCraving Spicy Food
StarCraving Sweets
StarCraving Sour Food
StarAdversion to Chocolate
StarHeightened Sense of smell[/ul]
I get these all by 12 dpo which is my Longest LP since the MC.[color=white]
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