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Clomid Challenge - your experience? BFP? screwy cycle?

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Liz888 Posted: 10-08-2009 2:12 PM
Clomid newbie here, not totally sure where to post. I'm doing the "Clomid Challenge" this cycle (100mg CD5-9) and just wondering what to expect cycle-wise, O-timing, etc. I always ovulate regularly around CD12.
If you did the clomid challenge:

1) Did you ovulate early or late?
2) Did it thin your lining or CF?
3) Any weird side effects or cycle irregularities?
4) Did you get a BFP?? ;)

Thanks so much!! [f]

Me (38) DH (39)

TTC #1 for 5 cycles, Angel 5w3d, got PG with DD 6 weeks later

Baby Girl born Jan 2008 @ 37w3d

TTC #2 for 4 cycles, got PG on Clomid Challenge test cycle

Baby Boy born June 2010 @ 38 weeks

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Hopeful Melly replied on 10-08-2009 3:01 PM
Hi Liz,
I LOVE clomid. I even started a post about it a week or two ago. I take 50 mg.

1) I do not O often on my own but with clomid I O cd 20-23. I think that is pretty standard regardless of what you did pre-clomid. But I don't know....
2) I actually have more CF. Clomid doesn't just make me O it turns on all of my fertile qualities. I don't know about my lining since I don't get it measured but I have good progesterone levels and strong periods. So I don't worry about it.
3) No weird side effects for me. Again, I love how it makes me feel, very fertile.
4) I got my BFP for DD on my first cycle. Now TTC #2 I am on my third cycle. For the first I was out of town during O Angry, got a BFN last cycle and am now waiting to O.

Good luck!!
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vero575 replied on 10-08-2009 3:21 PM
1) I ovulated at the same time I usually do CD 22 or 23. That was @ 100mg per day too.

2)I don't know if it thinned my lining since I'm not monitored for that. It did dry up my CM a little.

3)One side affect was I was really moody almost depressed about midway through my cycle. Another thing is that after I was on it for 3 consecutive cycles, I started to ovulate a lot sooner CD 16 - 18 for a couple of cycles but my LPs got a lot shorter too and so I didn't like that. I think it was normal for me to ovulate later like I usually did before and during the clomid. Now, I'm back to ovulating regularly and it looks like my LP is back to normal too. Clomid does seem to stay in your system a long time.

4) Didn't get a BFP but I didn't find out until afterwards that DH had a really low sperm count so all the while I was trying to fix something that I thought was wrong with me but it was DH all along.

In conclusion, I think clomid is more helpful to women who are not ovulating or are ovulating irregularly. If your charts and everything else shows that you're fine, I would really suggest DH get an SA first, just to see what you're dealing with. That way you can start dealing with that, then try the clomid to increase your chances of conception.


Jan 2011 - Cycle began Jan 22nd. Est Ovulation on CD 25.  Positive FRER on Feb 28th.  Spotting 3/19-3/21.  AF Mar 22. Miscarriage at 8 weeks 3 days. Angel

Oct 10 - Cycle began Oct 14th.  Est Ovulation on CD17 or 18.  Positive FRER on Nov 16th.  Spotting Nov 19th.  AF Nov 20th.  Miscarriage at approx. 5 weeks. Angel

September 10 - DH started Fertile Aid for Men supplements again.  3 mth supply.

Feb 10 - Took a long break and stopped trying lost 17 pounds around August and started ovulating sooner between CD16 - CD19 instead of CD 22 - CD 25 :o)

Jan 10 cycle - Clomid 100 mg/day but sadly DH has finished his supplements by now. = Not Successful

Nov/Dec 09 cycle - Clomid 50 mg/day days 5-9 and third mth of FertilAid for Men = Annov.

Me - 35

DH - 40         July 09 - 1st SA - Count = 7 mil/ml, Volume = 3, Motility = 33%, Morphology = 44%

                       Dec 09 - 2nd SA - Count = 56 mil/ml, Volume = .5, Motility 50%, Morphology = 80%

DD - 14

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sdp replied on 10-08-2009 8:06 PM
This is the 3rd cycle I've been on it. Took my O date from 15 or 16 to cd 20-22. Also increased my cycle from the 29 to 33. Last cycle I got hot flashes. I'm pretty moody the week after AF so I'm not sure if mood swings now are from AF or medicine. Oh and AF arrived with no cramps the first month and the second month minimal cramps. My cramps usually double me over, make me nauseous and give me the clomid has been good to me that retrospect. still no BFP. But staying positive....
Good luck to you!!!! [#][#]
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Jeanie80 replied on 10-08-2009 10:26 PM
1) Did you ovulate early or late?

I typically Time on CD 11 and have a LP of 14 days. During clomid (100mg CD 3-7) I Time'd on CD 14 (seven days after my last pill - I think I've read you typically Time before 10 days from the last pill). I felt like my ovaries were going to burst by the Time day!

2) Did it thin your lining or CF?

My CM/CF became almost non-existant. I had to do internal checks and used robitussin and LOTS of water to try and help my body create more. DH and I also used pre-seed during [sex].

3) Any weird side effects or cycle irregularities?

During taking the pills: Hot flashes, dizziness, feeling out of it (fuzzy headed), bloating... During and leading up to Time: bloating, uncomfortable fullness feeling.

4) Did you get a BFP?? ;)

YES! This time round we did. With my PP, clomid wasn't successful for us but I have an immune disorder and sometimes the body just won't cooperate. This time round, we definitely had cooperation - we got pregnant with triplets!!!

[#] to you!
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jacquie2008 replied on 10-09-2009 1:06 AM
Well I don't take clomid but my sister did. She hadn't O'd in 8 months and when they put her on the medicine she had very strong O pains the 1st month. She also got pregnant with triplets that month! I guess she beat that 1% chance of twins.So I know it works! Good luck to you!
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ttcFirstBaby replied on 10-09-2009 8:24 PM
1) Yes. Ovulated on CD 15. See my chart.
2) No lining thinning.
3) Only side effect I had was really bad hot flashes causing extreme sweating
4) Yes. Got pregnant with twins the first cycle. This issue wasn't that I didn't ovulate it was that the ovulation wasn't strong enough.

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mkf replied on 10-10-2009 2:32 PM
I did my first month on Clomid this month.

1. About the same. I Time between CD15 - 17 with the help of accupuncture and vitex, and this month it stayed about the same.
2. My CF was very confusing. I usually have plenty of CF. this month it came and went in one day, then I just had 'milky' CF for a few days.
3. I got about 4 or 5 +ive OPKs which was confusing. I usually just get one day of +ives.
4. YES!!! got a bfp at 11dpo despite only 2 BD in the fertile time! I thought we were out at 8 and 9dpo when my temp started to drop like it always does. Then I woke up on 11dpo in a pool of sweat and my temp was back up, so I tested and got a +ive!!!

Best of luck to you!

Maria - 37 (ugh, that number keeps growing!!!)

DH - 40

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  • Nov 2009 - Angel
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  • Nov 23 - BFP!!!  Baby
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ana1970 replied on 10-12-2009 1:36 AM
I took clomid two cycles ago - 50 mgs CD 4-8
1)I ovulate early - maybe two days and the cramps were intense.
2)don't know not monitors for that but my AF lasted longer and heavier. My CM dried up which I hated so I switched to soy.
3)intense headache, dried CM and bitchy
4) nope BFP but didn't have time to BD - only BD on the day of ovulation.
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Liz888 replied on 10-13-2009 12:01 AM
Thanks for these great replies! I'm a little alarmed at the mentions of twins and triplets! Surprise J/K - what a blessing!

I'm on CD 13 and waiting to Time. Definitely starting to feel BOTH ovaries and have had a weird headache all day... owwww. Not much CM this cycle from what I can tell either. Also, did you guys get clear +OPKs on Clomid? I've heard various opinions on OPK accuracy being affected by Clomid use...

Me (38) DH (39)

TTC #1 for 5 cycles, Angel 5w3d, got PG with DD 6 weeks later

Baby Girl born Jan 2008 @ 37w3d

TTC #2 for 4 cycles, got PG on Clomid Challenge test cycle

Baby Boy born June 2010 @ 38 weeks

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