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I have Shingles

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kcl Posted: 02-10-2011 9:17 AM

I have shingles.  They showed up on Sunday.  I called my OB office on Monday and Tuesday to ask if I should come in to be seen for my severly (at the time) itchy rash.  Tuesday afternoon it turned from itchy to burning/stinging/pain.  I made an appointment and went in yesterday.  OB prescribed me an antiviral.  I've been taking it  for about 24 hours, but I've had no releaf from the pain. 

The patches are on my right hip near the front of my thigh (3-4 inch diameter patch), in the crease between my right leg and torso (1-2 inch diameter patch) and on the underside of my belly (2 inch diameter patch) also on the right.  All three patches are under my underwear line and are inconveniently placed for wearing pants (seams, waist, elastic). 

I'm looking for some ideas here on how to reduce the pain and burning.  Last night I slept without pants/underwear on, but the sheets were enough to cause pain, keeping me awake.  I'm staying home from work today so I can wear pj pants, but even that's uncomfortable.  I can't go naked at home because it's too cold here in the great frozen tundra of MN. 

I have tried oatmeal baths.  These help a little as long as I'm in the tub.  Sadly, I can't stay there all day...  I've also tried cortizone and benedryl creams and benedryl pills, all of which didn't do anything , but not since it changed from itchy to painful.

Thanks for ideas, ladies!

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younggrasshper replied on 02-10-2011 10:51 AM

Can you just wear a robe or night gown and use a blanket? I have no experience with shingles, but my grandpa told me it was one of the worst pains he ever had. I hope you get some relief soon!!!

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JMKW replied on 02-10-2011 1:18 PM

I am so sorry! I had shingles a couple of years ago, and it was the sickest I've ever been--I can't imagine being pregnant and having it! I don't think the antiviral will help with pain, I think it just shortens the course of the illness. For me, I took prescription pain killers for about 1-2 weeks. I don't know if you doctor talked to you at all about that, or whether it is something you could do while pregnant, but I know for me I was in a ton of pain and the only thing that helped was the prescription medication (tramadol).

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kcl replied on 02-10-2011 5:49 PM

I haven't asked for prescription pain meds yet, but I might if I can't find relief any other way. 

Anything touching the spots causes extreme burning, so I think I'm out of luck finding clothing options that will work. 

Any other ideas???  I feel like I might be in for another long evening and night and day tomorrow...

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ASUgrl3090 replied on 02-11-2011 1:21 PM

I'm sorry you are going through this Hug. Shingles pain is one of the worst and most annoying kinds of pain because it is in the nerves, so it can travel. I've had shingles twice so far, one of my bouts being only 7 months ago. I've never had it while pregnant, but some of the things I tried were vitamin E oil and aloe with lidocaine (the stuff commonly used for sunburns). I just purchased vitamin E soft gels from the pharmacy, poked a hole in the soft gel and applied it topically to the shingles patch. It really helped sooth the burning/radiating feeling. I think I did that about 3 times a day. The vitamin E also helped prevent scarring, which is common with shingles too. The aloe vera with lidocaine was also helpful too and I applied it topically as well. BUT...I'm not sure if lidocaine is safe during pregnancy. It is topical, so I'm not sure if it would cause any harm, but I would definitely check with your doc on that one. Otherwise, pure aloe vera is still very helpful with the burn. As far as clothing goes, my case was under my armpit, right where the elastic bra band goes. I didn't wear a bra for days, and just wore a cotton undershirt. Honestly, cotton is least likely to irritate. You said yours is on your hip. I know it depends on how high/low the patch is, but can you wear sweatpants rolled down so the band won't rest on the shingles? If not, I would seriously wear only a bathrobe while home and wear loose-fitting clothes when you have to go out. Try to rest as much as you can and get your immune system strong again! That's half the battle to shorten the recovery time, along with the antiviral. I hope you're feeling better again soon!!! Flowers

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