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Sorry TMI but anyone else have anus pain from 35 weeks on??? What is it?

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jadatom05 Posted: 01-25-2011 6:51 AM

I am nearly 36 weeks pregnant and have had, a times, the most weird pain right on/in my anus!

It is like I need to do a #2 but not - as in, there is no poo there, but the pressure is there.  If I sit for a long time, it is especially bad as I stand up.

I also have bladder/vaginal pressure as normal, but this anus thing is a new one this pregnancy!

I know with DS #2 pushing during labour was like pushing out a big poo and this is sort of the feeling I guess?

Anyone think this is a sign of early labour?

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zzdeleted3901 replied on 01-25-2011 11:43 AM

I don't know if its a sign of early labor, but it sounds like the baby is definitely pushing on something down there.

I've had a few nights of waking up to really bad rectal pain, more inside than outside though.  I've had to get up and walk around a bit to get it to go away - and it has.  No idea what it is other than probably the baby laying on a nerve or something - who knows!

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rajohnson829 replied on 01-26-2011 11:22 AM

Sorry, I had to laugh a little when I read the title of the thread as just the other night I honestly felt like and thought I ripped my anus when I took a poo!

I know what you mean though but unfortunately I don't think it's an early labor sign - I've been constipated for most of my pregnancy and have had the pressure of having to go but with nothing coming out quite a bit over the past 9 months Embarrassed. I have heard too much pushing though can cause you to go into labor - my mom says being constipated and all the extra pushing was what put my grandma in labor with her *shrug*

Are you getting enough fiber? Maybe try snacking on some cheerios or trying Metamucil if you can stomach it (I couldn't - tried it once and it tasted sooooo gross!)

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1fitmama replied on 01-26-2011 12:01 PM

jadatom05....sounds like you could have an internal hemorrhoid, especially w/the pressure sensation you are describing.  W/an internal hemorrhoid, since it is inside, you can't see it (unless it prolapses when you have a bowel movement).  If it is external, you can see it all the time and it can't be pushed back in.  I have an internal one that prolapses that I am having banded in 6 weeks (fun times...not).  It could also possibly be a fissure, but that sounds more like what rajohnson829 is describing (I've had one of those, too).  I guess I have a real "pain in the a$$"!  ha!  You can have bleeding w/both, but with the fissure, you will literally feel like your butt is ripping when you have a bowel movement...stinging, burning, on is truly awful.

Things that my "booty" doc said will help (the one who's doing the banding soon)....1 tbsp of metamucil a day, lots of fruit/veggies, water, walking/exercise, sitz baths, trying to not strain or push too much when you have a BM, and when you sit on the potty to poop, sort of lean forward, so that there is not direct pressure on your rectum (hope that makes sense).  

HOpe this helps some!! Flowers

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gemasita replied on 01-28-2011 7:45 PM

Yeah, about a week ago, at 39 weeks, I started really having some stabbing knife pains in my vaginal/rectum!  I never know what's normal because I've had some pelvic surgeries.  But I guess rectal stabs are normal....

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Jenchichi replied on 01-30-2011 7:24 PM

I get a lot of pressure in my rectum when baby is very low....also if i need to have a BM...but sometimes just from baby. It's awesome!

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jadatom05 replied on 01-31-2011 5:18 AM

Think it is just baby pressing down as I have no problems going to toilet when I need to ;-)

M/w said I am 3/5 engaged at 36 weeks.

Today I had serious BH and lower back period pain, and constant desire to do #2, and that slightly open sensation of the anus all the time (joy!).  So I think we are talking a week or so to go especially with loose BM .....

Baby is hanging right out in front as well (ie spine along my linea niagra) so head is pressing back I guess into that area!

I had a real back labour with DS#2 so this is just an extension of the way my body seems to handle birth (all in the back/bum region!!!) Hee Hee

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botanica_cc replied on 02-01-2011 6:55 PM

Embarrassed I couldn't believe the title on this thread when I saw it, I was wondering about this myself and was too embarrassed to post the question.

Thanks for asking it (so I didn't have to) and for all the Ladies who responded.

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emmie replied on 02-01-2011 7:16 PM

Yep-- I remember this from my last pregnancy at the end.  Ooooochie.  Terrible stabbing pains, then they would go away.  But they always came back.   I think this pain develops due to pressure in the area, and is exacerbated by constipation.  I remember feeling the pain especially if I needed to pass gas.  Good times.  

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