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What does a long luteal phase mean?

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jje86 Posted: 01-05-2011 1:32 AM

I know a short LP can be bad but what does it mean if it's long?  I'm new to charting and this month I didn't get AF until the 21st day after ovulation.  I took quite a few pregnancy tests and all were negative so I don't think it was a chemical pregnancy. 

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dj rayne replied on 01-05-2011 4:57 AM

If you truly O'd on the day you think then most likely a cyst. If this repeats you need to call your DR. Post your chart so we can look see what is going on.

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jje86 replied on 01-05-2011 12:39 PM

I'm not charting on TCOYF but I had a positive OPK on December 11th along with fertile mucus around those days, I didn't have any the rest of the cycle so I don't think it was delayed ovulation but I can't be sure of that.  I also started cramping right around that time and continued to cramp bad until after my cycle started.  It's normal for me to start cramping around ovulation until my period.


If I ovulated the day after my positive OPK (instead of the day of) than the day before I started my period was 20 DPO.  I saw my fertility doctor after ovulation and she told me if I hadn't started my period by December 28th (16/17 DPO and the first day the lab reopened after Christmas) to have blood work done.  I started having all of my normal signs of my period starting so I decided not to waste my time doing blood work since I thought it would be there that day or the next.  2 days later it still hadn't come and the lab was going to be closed the next day so I went ahead and had the blood work done on Thursday the 30th.  Blood work wouldn't be done until Monday or Tuesday and my period came Sunday. 



I don't know what in the heck is up with my body.  The last 6 months or so everything has been so different than normal.  I used to always bleed for 7-10 days, very heavy for at least 6+ days.  2 years ago I had a laparoscopy to confirm endo and then 6 monthly injections of lupron to help shrink the endo.  After that my period was more like 5-7 days.  This cycle I bled so much the first day that I went through 6 extra heavy, extra long overnight maxis (the largest I've ever found and I have to hunt to find them) plus a tampon that was already leaking an hour later.  Even with the extra heavy, extra long, extra thick maxis I still strained 4 pairs of underwear the first day.  The second day was very light for me and the 3rd day was only some brown spotting.  I hate that my body has thrown a curve ball the last few cycles.

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