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How long did it take your Metformin side effects to lessen?

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ThreePrinces Posted: 12-14-2010 3:17 PM

Title asks the question

I've been on Metformin XR for several weeks now, 1000mg/day.  I am still miserable.  I get very sick immediately after I eat.  I take the Metformin one with lunch and one with dinner so that I can at least have the morning to run errands/workout/help in my son's class, etc.  Because once I take a pill, I'll sick as a dog.  [:'(]  Laugh

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manda_kate replied on 12-14-2010 4:28 PM

I started on 500mg per day of Metformin in February, and it took me about 2-3 weeks to get used to it. I was bumped up to 1000mg per day in July, and 1500mg per day in September. With each increase, I felt sick for about a week after starting it, then it went away.

I take pills with each meal of the day, and as long as I eat with them, it doesn't bother me anymore. I make sure to eat about half my food, take my pill, then eat the other half. It seems to work better for me that way.

Good luck!

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1fitmama replied on 12-14-2010 6:58 PM

threeprinces....I'm guessing your XR pills are 500mg each??  I'm on 1000mg XR (glumetza) and haven't had a problem, but mine is one 1000mg pill a day, taken @ night....are you eating before or after you take the pills?  Here's what my docs told me...take it after you eat, right before bed.  I'm so sorry you are having the side effects.  You may want to call your doc and see if you can back it down to 500mg a day for awhile, so your body can adjust, then increase the dose againHugFlowers

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ThreePrinces replied on 12-14-2010 7:39 PM

Thank you both so much for your thoughts!

Yes, the pills are 500mg each.  I was on regular Metformin at first, and after a week of that misery my endo called in the XR.  It's niceR, but still miserable.  At least with the XR I only have the bad cramps and diarrhea, (sorry TMI), and with the regular I had nausea on top of that.  Still, I feel like my life is revolving around when I'll feel sick.  Because it is.  I had my hubby's company's work Christmas party last weekend and I didn't eat any of the catered dinner because I knew it would make me ill.

I've always been very sensitive to medications, so I'm not surprised...I'm just hoping it doesn't last much longer.

TTC (this time) since February 2008.  Long history of Secondary Infertility.

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Being defeated is often a temporary condition. Giving up is permanent.

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TryingFor3 replied on 12-15-2010 7:58 AM

Threeprinces, I can completely relate to what you are going through with the Mewtformin s/e. Mine never went away even after switching to ER Metformin. It was awful!! I did learn that it mattered WHAT I ate while taking Metformin. Any pastas, breads, essentially any carbs, sugars, anything of the sort made me sick or running to the bathroom shortly after eating. However, even after omitting these foods and switching to ER, I still had no relief of the s/e, and I was on it for damn near a year! I ended up stopping taking them and don't regret it for one second. Good luck to you, I hope you get some relief soon. Those Metformin s/e are brutal!! Flowers

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tiffjo replied on 12-15-2010 7:35 PM

i agree with TryingFor3 - that it really matters what you eat. i try to keep an eye on the glycemic index/glycemic load of the foods i eat and it helps a lot. a salad for lunch - as opposed to like a burger and fries - really makes a huge difference. and i eat snacks as the day goes on so i'm not gobbling dinner and making myself sick. mixed nuts around 4pm are great for tiding me over until dinner.

the saddest day for me (haha) was when i knew i needed to stop drinking a dr. pepper everyday with lunch. sad sad day. Laugh Laugh Laugh but gosh, i feel so much better when i don't have all that sugar.

i take 500mg twice a day too. like 1fitmama said, i take the second one with a snack (wheat toast with peanut butter) like minutes before bed because eating it with dinner was a disaster.

i mean, yeah, i haaaate having to diet and watch what i eat, but gosh, feeling icky is the best "diet plan" in the world - i have no will power otherwise.

i really hope you're able to find a way to feel better. i'm sorry you're feeling so awful! keep us updated!

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